21 Times Dr. Beverly Crusher Was Your Fashion Idol

She may be the ship's doctor, but that doesn't mean she can't glam it up once in a while. Let's take a trip through Bev's gorgeousness through the years when she's out of uniform.

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6. When she wore an off-the-shoulder sweater and threw shade at Vash for tryna steal her man.

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Step. Off. Captain. Picard. He belongs to Bev. Also that blue is PERFECT.

7. When she wore a Robin Hood outfit and made it look chic.

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Raspberry and olive green is a daring color combo (and, come to think of it, food combo), but Bev is WORKING IT OUT right here.

12. When she wore a martial arts uniform and still gave incredible face.

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No but like really. Her face. She is like if an angel had a baby with someone from a Renaissance painting.

16. When she didn't forget the Hippocratic Oath even though she was a time traveler.

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She's a doctor, but she sometimes plays a nurse. With a head full of curls and a crisp uniform.

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Our Bev may have a lot of looks - but she's always at her best when she's doing what she loves - helping her fellow crew members be healthy, no matter what species they are.

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