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    • ajk1989

      Right so:
      1) Communism isn’t about taking things away, it’s about equal distribution of goods (albeit what happens in the real world tends to be closer to Facism) 2) “No Really.” is not a sentence, your school has failed you also. 3) I briefly went to school in America between the ages of 8 and 12. I didn’t learn much about socialism, but I did learn an awful lot about Texan history. Ironically the story of Texas is mostly concerned with taking Mexico’s “skittles and guns” in the name of “freedom”.  4) How you can get from Trayvoning to ‘look what those damn commies are doing to MY country’ is beyond me. Consider this though… You don’t like Trayvoning being discouraged by the internet and think it’s wrong to take that away from you because “you have the right”. Well how about that boy’s dignity and his family’s right privacy? Think those are still intact? Respecting the dead isn’t unamerican, it’s just human.  

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