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15 Ways To Look More Stylish Without Even Trying

We get it – putting in effort to build your outfit sucks. There are so many better things to do with your time — which is why the new Ajio menswear range has got you covered. (You're welcome.)

1. Nail that effortlessly cool weekend look with these zippered jeans.

2. Mix up your rotation of plain ol' boring tees with this printed number.

3. You're basically guaranteed to get compliments rocking around the office in these brogue-meets-sneaker lace ups.

4. The minimalist sleeve detail on this slim fit tee makes it the perfect date-night top.

5. Add these fun printed shorts to your suitcase for a fuss-free holiday staple.

6. Nothing beats a classic. Pop on some slim tapered jeans and you're good to go.

7. Formal dress code? These brogues will keep you looking dapper on the dance floor.

8. Nail that all-important job interview in a shirt that will make everyone else feel like they're wearing PJs.

9. Surprise your friends and family by wearing a pair of shoes that aren't sneakers for once.

10. Instead of wearing jeans for three days straight, why not give chinos a try?

11. Pop on some denim shorts and get the most out of your weekend, even if it's going to be spent on the couch.

12. Prove that you're even better looking in person than in your dating app profile in a denim shirt.

13. Jazz up your day with a pair of sneakers that don't look like they were bought 10 years ago.

14. Chuck on a pocket shirt that'll make your friends wonder when you got so damn stylish all of a sudden.

15. Take Casual Fridays to the next level with your printed shirt.

All images courtesy of Ajio.

Now that Ajio has your wardrobe sorted, go enjoy the good stuff.