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Twenty Moments Every Woman In Her Twenties Knows To Be True

Like, cut us some slack. We're just figuring stuff out.

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1. When wine, ice cream and a Ryan Gosling movie sound significantly better than a night out.

Elite Daily

2. When your girlfriends are the only reason you haven't killed that guy who's driving you nuts.


3. Or when they're actually the ones encouraging it.

Head Over Feels

4. When you're trying to maintain that healthy lifestyle you've been promising yourself you would.

Huffington Post

5. When you're the single friend and all your girls are out on dates with their boyfriends.

O Canada

6. When Cosmopolitan is literally EVERYTHING.

7. When your friends try to set you up and his idea of a date is the nearest fast food joint.

More 20-Something Ramblings

8. When you finally find the right guy and he just gets you.

My 10 Things

9. And that moment you realize he's the one.

Elite Daily

10. When you have to stick it to someone at work who's just being an A-hole.

Good Reads

11. When you're drunk and working on your self esteem.

Millennial Muse

12. When you just got off a long day at work and all you need is a good time.

13. When your friends start getting pregnant and engaged and need you for emotional support.

Via Tumblr

14. When your clearly less insightful male co-worker gets promoted over you.

The Pink Politico

15. That moment of reflection when you just need to reevaluate your life.

The Frisky

16. When you realize your metabolism just isn't what it used to be.

The Color Coded Life

17. When suddenly you're too busy for the BS.


18. When your boyfriend tells you you're overreacting.

Unladylike Blog

19. When you're trying to reach a goal and it's not going so well.

The Bored Millennial

20. And when you finally realize what's most important in life.


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