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15 Moments Every College Student Experiences Just Before Graduating

Is my life just beginning or did it just end?

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1. When you realize you need to start looking for a real job

2. And your resume is nowhere near ready

3. When senioritis is in full effect and going to class just sounds like the worst idea ever

4. When your parents call to remind you every other week that “you’re almost there”

5. When your friends who aren't graduating yet try to be happy for you

6. And your friends who are graduating with you suddenly only want to talk about how old they feel

7. But the thing is, you totally feel just as old

8. When you have to decide whether you’ll be moving back home or getting your own apartment

9. When one of your professors threatens you with “if you don’t pass this class you won’t be graduating”

10. When you have to decide which relatives feelings you’re going to have to hurt because you don’t have enough graduation tickets to give everyone

11. When you find yourself talking about summer vacation then realize those don’t exist anymore

12. When it feels like now that you’re looking for a job there are suddenly no jobs available

13. When you can’t stop bringing up the fact that you’re graduating in every conversation you have

14. When you realize that pretty soon you won’t be able to use the excuse “I’m a college student” when people ask you what you do for a living

15. And when you’ve never felt more excited, proud, nervous and terrified out of your mind all at the same time

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