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10 Struggles Every Person Living In NYC Would Understand

A day in the life of a New York resident through 10 completely true, irritating gifs.

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1. No outdoor dates with your significant other during the winter season


2. Being late for anything important because of the inevitable "train traffic ahead"


3. Hating life because walking anywhere in the city is like trying to maneuver through a herd of antelope in the wild

Just GO.

4. And driving anywhere is just out of the question!

Like, why do I even have my license?

5. Walking anywhere during summer somehow ends up as the worst day ever

Because 100 degree humidity is good for NO ONES hair.

6. That awful smell on every other block

2 words NYC: Trash. Everywhere.

7. Being super excited to get home after work, then suddenly all your dreams are shattered when the bus takes 30 minutes to get to your stop


8. Catching a cab is nearly impossible

9. Not being able to look away when a rat the size of a football casually strolls by you

Yes, this is real life.

10. Pretending not to hear the totally awkward yelling match going on between strangers sitting right next to you

Am I being punk'd? Is someone going to start swinging?

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