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    13 Times Squirrels Proved They're Totally Evil And Shouldn't Be Trusted

    Don't be fooled by their cute faces...squirrels are glorified rats.

    1. Squirrels hate to share.

    2. They'll never stop trying to drain the bird-feeder.

    3. Squirrels can be the sneakiest thieves in the book.

    4. Case. In. Point.

    5. ...and they'll never let us eat our fries in peace!

    6. Squirrels really don't understand the rules of the road.

    7. They spend more time on our back patios than we do.

    8. They love to fight.

    9. They torment our cats...

    10. ...and our dogs too.

    11. And pretty much every other animal that roams our backyard.

    12. They're always meddling at the least opportune times.

    13. You just never know when they're going to attack...

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