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    I Ranked My Top-50 Favorite Phoebe Moments From "Friends," And I Can't Stand How Much I Love Her

    This list contains spoilers, but let's face it – you've seen this show a million times.

    50. Bringing a Stoned Guy to a Tasting


    Phoebe's misadventures don't always go so well with the group. And let's face it – her relationships outside of the group are rather odd. This is a classic example of both.

    49. Finding a Thumb in a Soda

    NBC / Via

    So this isn't an instance where Phoebe is actively doing something weird; it's something weird happening to Phoebe. Point being, finding a "tiny little hitchhiker" in a can of soda would happen to Phoebe. The funny and purely ~Phoebe~ thing about this her reaction: "Those stupid soda people gave me $7,000 for the thumb, and on my way over here I stepped in gum. What's up with the universe?"

    48. Bagpipes


    If you need a quick introduction to Phoebe Buffay's character, just listen to her sing along to Ross' bagpipe paying.

    47. Levitation


    This is yet another instance that shows how Phoebe uses her brain. Phoebe doesn't simply stare at things. She's not just looking at a pencil. Obviously, she's trying to move it with her mind.

    46. Reading Joey's Mind


    We all know that Phoebe thinks on another level. But can she read minds? Or just Joey's?

    45. Sexy Voice


    Phoebe takes a flaw and turns it into self-confidence. Love that for her.

    44. The Fire Alarm


    While her problems aren't always relatable, this one certainly is, and Phoebe takes it on as such. It shows her ability to take an ordinary conflict and make it funny.

    43. Puns for Days

    Phoebe talking to a chef and not understanding language

    One of Phoebe's charms is her ability to flirt and joke with others by showing her fun side.

    42. When She Tells an Elderly Woman That She's Going to Kick Her Ass

    Phoebe looking incredulous as she speaks on an old phone

    Phoebe calls Emily's family's home when she finds out Rachel is coming to the wedding. Unable to get through to anyone, she threatens the old lady who answers. It's not her first rodeo when it comes to getting through to someone on the phone.

    41. Holding a Grudge

    Phoebe doesn't know why she's mad at Ross

    Phoebe has had her share of crappy relationships: her dad abandoning her, her sister never being there, her mom and grandmother lying to her, the love of her life leaving her to go to Minsk... But this time her beef is with Ross. If only she knew why...

    40. The New Year's Resolution


    When the friends all make more New Year's resolutions, Phoebe proposes that she's going to ring in the 21st century by learning how to fly a commercial jet. Go big or go home, right?

    39. Coma Guy


    A cute guy on the street is struck by traffic and goes into a coma. The situation itself is pretty odd, but instead of going against it, Phoebe runs with it by going after him. Her conviction plays on Monica's competitive nature. It's one of those instances where we really see how these friends work with – or against – each other.

    38. Cleansing Ritual

    Phoebe leads the cleansing ritual

    Hippie Phoebe goes all out when she convinces Monica and Rachel to take part in a cleansing ritual to stop the cycle of bad relationships. While the girls go against her idea to "chant and dance around naked with sticks," they agree to burn the things from past lovers.

    37. Getting Possessed


    Phoebe is unable to shake the death of her elderly massage client. Naturally, she believes that the client's spirit has possessed her body. The only logical way to get Rose out of her body is to go to a lesbian wedding.

    36. Saving the Trees


    Another hippie moment when Phoebe protests Joey selling Christmas trees. While the woodlands aren't saved by the end of the episode, Phoebe's faith in her friends is.

    35. Phoebo


    While this is one of the many examples of Phoebe's interesting name suggestions, it's also an example of her ability to lighten up a serious situation.

    34. Candy and Cookie

    Chandler and Monica looking confused at Phoebe

    Another example that Phoebe's relationships outside of the Friends group are probably too weird for the Friends to handle. When she introduces Monica and Chandler to Candy and Cookie through a birthing video, the introduction is just as expected – bizarre and uncomfortable.

    33. Playing Car Games with a Hitchhiker


    Joey isn't entertaining Phoebe on their cross-country road trip, but maybe the hitchhiker they pick up will. Classic Phoebe, making friends with strangers. Don't worry; he's not a rapist or a murderer. She asked.

    32. The Holiday Snowman Suicide Song


    Phoebe has a natural gift of adding a dark twist to a cheerful moment. While her friends are used to her strange behavior, she's still able to catch them (and us) off guard.

    31. When Phoebe Mugged Ross


    Phoebe's past comes back to haunt her again, but this time she sees how it's affected her friend. She once again uses her past to empathize with others, bringing her closer to Ross in the end.

    30. Street Phoebe


    When Phoebe tries to do good by volunteering as a holiday bell-ringer, people defile her bucket. Her solution is to do what she knows best: go rogue. She takes bell-ringing to the next level, and in typical Phoebe fashion, she doesn't take anyone's crap (or cigarette butts, trash, or urine... ew).

    29. Having a Porn Twin

    Phoebe confronts Porn Phoebe

    Or rather, a twin who does porn. When she finds out her sister is doing porn under her name, she takes it as an opportunity to call people out. That's all she can really do when it comes to Ursula. She turns lemons into lemon-I KNOW WHAT YOU DID!

    28. The Wrong Twin (Again)


    Ursula covers up who she really is again, and Phoebe takes the hit. This time it becomes more personal – and gets kind of creepy – when Phoebe falls for Ursula's fiancé.

    27. Sting


    Phoebe uses Ross's son to get Sting tickets when she finds out that one of his classmates is Sting's son. The only catch is she must pretend to be Ben's mom. Ross is able to score the tickets as long as Phoebe's doesn't break her restraining order from Sting's wife. You gotta work with what you have.

    26. Impersonating a Police Officer

    Phoebe holding up a bad and saying freeze

    Here's another instance of Phoebe just trying to do the right thing, but her good-doing power interferes with an actual policeman's job. She can't talk her way out of this one, but she can talk her way into a date!

    25. When She Dates Her Sister's Stalker

    Phoebe looking annoyed as her sister's stalker smiles widely at her

    Phoebe takes a man's obsession of her identical twin as sweet, but even she can only go so far with it. "Wake up and smell the restraining order," as the age-old saying goes.

    24. Cookie Recipe


    Phoebe's grandmother's infamous cookie recipe comes from a very famous french pastry chef... or does it?

    23. The 3-D Funeral


    Emotions are on high when Phoebe's grandma dies and she meets her dad all at the same time. But Phoebe knows to take her time, put on her 3-D glasses, and grieve.

    22. Acting


    Phoebe's thinking is far-out, but this time she goes too far. When getting a job on Joey's soap opera, she takes on her role by coming up with a long backstory. It becomes evident that Phoebe is too much of her own character to play another.

    21. "Smelly Cat" Goes Mainstream


    In this classic Phoebe moment, Phoebe refuses to be a sell-out musician, and let's just say she's pretty unconventional. Her hit song is "Smelly Cat", and if you listen closely, the tail-end of "Smelly Cat" somewhat resembles Phoebe's version.

    20. Kenny the Copy Guy


    Phoebe makes out with Kenny the Copy Guy, but she thinks he's Ralph Lauren. How was she supposed to know?

    19. When She Became Friends with Her Estranged Brother


    Phoebe's optimism about human connection is put to the test when she realizes she has nothing in common with her estranged brother. Well, maybe not nothing. He's also super weird. Maybe even weirder than Phoebe? Regardless of their differences, she stands by this relationship and it becomes her strongest relationship with family in the show.

    18. Breaking Point

    Phoebe screaming for someone to pick up a sock

    Sure, we all have our own lives, but Phoebe reminds us that we're supposed to have each other's backs too. And a girl can only take so much before she needs to yell what's on her mind.

    17. No More Happy Endings

    Phoebe sees the ending of Old Yeller

    Phoebe finds out that all of the films she watched as a child ended differently than she thought. She finally sees the true ending of these sad movies in "The One Where Old Yeller Dies."

    16. Making a Stripper Cry


    One can only have so much elegance at their bachelorette party until the stripper needs to come in. Of course, in this case, the stripper isn't what you'd expect. It's not what Phoebe expects either, but she makes the most of it in the end – as Phoebe usually does.

    15. Phoebe's "Gay" Husband


    If anyone had a secret marriage, it would be Phoebe. Sure, it's quirky, but it's also something that she did out of that pure Phoebe kindness and devotion she has for others. It's a moment where we see some of the struggle within the weirdness of Phoebe.

    14. David

    David pouring his heart out to Phoebe

    David is a recurring conflict for Phoebe who isn't able to shake the idea of one day having a real loving relationship with a man. Every time David leaves, she feels further away from this possibility. While deeply sad, it's one of the more relatable circumstances she faces.

    13. Weapon of Seduction


    When "they know we know," and "they know we know they know," but "they don't know that we know they know we know," Phoebe takes it to the ultimate level, using her powers of seduction. She shows her bra and does a sexy dance, which is just enough to make Chandler and Monica spill the beans.

    12. When Her Mom Was Not Who She Thought She Was

    Phoebe's biological mother

    One of the many family cover-ups that our beloved Phoebe has to deal with, Phoebe finds out that her biological mother was actually her mom's best friend, not the woman who raised her. Just when you think Phoebe's free of family problems, another one arises.

    11. When Her Dad Was Not Who She Thought He Was

    Phoebe showing off a framed picture of her dad which is actually just a stock photo model

    Another instance that gives us insight into how Phoebe became who she is. She's told that her father is the stock-photo model in the store picture frame and her grandfather is Albert Einstein. While it gives us insight into her trust issues, it also shows that she's developed a knack for protecting herself from things that are difficult to face.

    10. The Bike


    Phoebe's sad childhood comes into play again, as does her child-like ambitions. One of the most touching moments between Ross and Phoebe is when he buys her the bike of her dreams and teaches her to ride it.

    9. The Left Phalange


    Leave it to Phoebe when you need a last-minute excuse. What is a phalange? Who knows. But if there's something wrong with a plane's phalange, you get off the plane! We can all thank Phoebe for reuniting Rachel with her lobster.

    8. The Telemarketer Who Listens

    Phoebe speaking with the telemarketer with a solemn expression

    Phoebe doesn't "stick to the script," especially when someone's well-being is on the line. In this case, someone answered the phone to the right telemarketer. Here's an instance of Phoebe knowing how to use her life experiences to help others.

    7. Rat Babies

    Phoebe trying to do math but failing

    Phoebe's love for nature is next-level, and it can definitely take some getting used to. Her love for rat babies couldn't be any more of a Phoebe moment, amirite?

    6. Phoebe's Mom is a Cat


    Phoebe gains some closure in the most Phoebe way ever. She finds a missing male cat named Julio, and she believes he's her deceased adoptive mother. Giving up her "mother" to its owner becomes a deeply touching Phoebe moment.

    5. The Dollhouse


    This was a brilliant reflection on Phoebe's unconventional childhood. Similar to the time she learns how to ride a bike, she does it with the help of her friends. But unlike most dollhouses, Phoebe's is more imaginative than the usual child's – with a giant life-sized dog and an attic ghost. Also, it's built on both radioactive waste and an ancient Native American burial ground. Watch out for dinosaur attacks and enjoy the licorice and aroma rooms before the house burns down.

    4. Meeting the Parents

    Phoebe meeting the parents with Mike

    A classic fish-out-of-water, Phoebe does her best to impress Mike's parents but struggles when she realizes that means she can't be herself. Her love for Mike comes through when she tries to bond as Phoebe, all while being who she thinks they want her to be when Phoebe is too much for them. Apparently not all parents like hearing about a pimp spitting in your mouth and how their son is during sex.

    3. Phoebe's Run


    Rachel adjusts to living with Phoebe, especially when it means tolerating Phoebe's very unique running posture. Weird or fun? A question we're always asking about Phoebe.

    2. Phoebe's Uterus


    Phoebe and her brother's relationship goes to the next level when she agrees to give birth to him and his middle-aged wife's baby. She's skeptical at first (like any normal person) but agrees to carry their baby when she thinks it'll bring them happiness. Phoebe's pregnancy is both the weirdest pregnancy on the show and incredibly heart-warming.

    1. And Last But Not Least, the Name Change

    Warner Bros.

    The final and most Phoebe moment of them all is when Phoebe finds out you can change your name to anything you want. After careful deliberation, she goes all in and has fun with it, famously naming herself "Princess Consuela Banana Hammock." Even better, Mike proves to Phoebe that he loves her as Phoebe when he names himself "Crap Bag." Could they be any more perfect for each other? In the end, it's Phoebe she is and Phoebe she will always be.

    What are some of your favorite Phoebe moments? Let me know in the comments!

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