I Ranked My Top-50 Favorite Phoebe Moments From "Friends," And I Can't Stand How Much I Love Her

    This list contains spoilers, but let's face it – you've seen this show a million times.

    50. Bringing a Stoned Guy to a Tasting

    49. Finding a Thumb in a Soda

    48. Bagpipes

    47. Levitation

    46. Reading Joey's Mind

    45. Sexy Voice

    44. The Fire Alarm

    43. Puns for Days

    Phoebe talking to a chef and not understanding language

    42. When She Tells an Elderly Woman That She's Going to Kick Her Ass

    Phoebe looking incredulous as she speaks on an old phone

    41. Holding a Grudge

    Phoebe doesn't know why she's mad at Ross

    40. The New Year's Resolution

    39. Coma Guy

    38. Cleansing Ritual

    Phoebe leads the cleansing ritual

    37. Getting Possessed

    36. Saving the Trees

    35. Phoebo

    34. Candy and Cookie

    Chandler and Monica looking confused at Phoebe

    33. Playing Car Games with a Hitchhiker

    32. The Holiday Snowman Suicide Song

    31. When Phoebe Mugged Ross

    30. Street Phoebe

    29. Having a Porn Twin

    Phoebe confronts Porn Phoebe

    28. The Wrong Twin (Again)

    27. Sting

    26. Impersonating a Police Officer

    Phoebe holding up a bad and saying freeze

    25. When She Dates Her Sister's Stalker

    Phoebe looking annoyed as her sister's stalker smiles widely at her

    24. Cookie Recipe

    23. The 3-D Funeral

    22. Acting

    21. "Smelly Cat" Goes Mainstream

    20. Kenny the Copy Guy

    19. When She Became Friends with Her Estranged Brother

    18. Breaking Point

    Phoebe screaming for someone to pick up a sock

    17. No More Happy Endings

    Phoebe sees the ending of Old Yeller

    16. Making a Stripper Cry

    15. Phoebe's "Gay" Husband

    14. David

    David pouring his heart out to Phoebe

    13. Weapon of Seduction

    12. When Her Mom Was Not Who She Thought She Was

    Phoebe's biological mother

    11. When Her Dad Was Not Who She Thought He Was

    Phoebe showing off a framed picture of her dad which is actually just a stock photo model

    10. The Bike

    9. The Left Phalange

    8. The Telemarketer Who Listens

    Phoebe speaking with the telemarketer with a solemn expression

    7. Rat Babies

    Phoebe trying to do math but failing

    6. Phoebe's Mom is a Cat

    5. The Dollhouse

    4. Meeting the Parents

    Phoebe meeting the parents with Mike

    3. Phoebe's Run

    2. Phoebe's Uterus

    1. And Last But Not Least, the Name Change

    What are some of your favorite Phoebe moments? Let me know in the comments!