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    Divorced People Are Sharing The Wildest Thing Their Ex-Spouse Did, And I Need Help Picking My Jaw Up Off The Floor

    I do not hear wedding bells at all.

    Recently, Reddit user u/hyperyog asked divorced people, "What is the wildest thing you or your former spouse did after divorce?"


    And oof, the stories are messy, y'all. Take a look for yourself:

    1. "My ex-wife told me I could leave my stuff in our house while I found somewhere else to stay. I assumed this was a goodwill effort to keep things as amicable as possible between us. When I went to get my shit, she had burned it all."



    2. "My ex-husband called me the night before his wedding to his second wife and asked me if our relationship was really over. He said, 'This is our last chance to be together. Are you sure it’s over?' The night before he got remarried!"


    3. "My grandparents got divorced when my mom was about 17. In their legal battle, they worked out that they would each get 50% of the sales of specific shared assets. There was an old junky car and a fairly new RV. My grandpa sold the RV and the car for $1 each. He handed my grandma one buck in court."


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    4. "My ex-husband started dating his stepmom, who has been in his life since he was 11 years old. His stepmom and he are still together almost five years later. She confessed her love for my ex to his dad a few years ago, and they have since divorced."


    5. "My ex and I had sex, like, right after we got the divorce. We left the courthouse and decided to have lunch. After lunch, we went back to my house and had sex. That was several years ago. Last year we decided to get back together, and we'll probably end up remarried later this year or next year."


    6. "My ex-wife removed the retaining clips for my windshield wipers but put the wipers back on the arms. The first storm after I got my car back from her, the driver-side wiper flew off the car on Interstate 40. Good times."



    7. "My ex bought an apartment in central London, which is so expensive, across the road from where I worked so she could spy on me. She also never wanted to live or work in London."


    8. "My ex-husband called me and pretended he had been hit by a car while we were talking. He even tried to voice the crowd that had gathered around his 'body.' It was god-awful acting, but pretty funny listening to him try to mimic a woman's voice."


    9. "After he realized I was never going back, my ex-husband told his mom that I had been stealing from his family the whole time we were together. Then he literally put it in writing that I had a key to his parents’ home and would sneak in and take his dad’s guns and his grandmother’s jewelry, and that he had been powerless to stop me. In reality, it was his sister."


    10. "The husband of a friend of mine cheated on her, and during the divorce, he asked her to pay him back for the wedding."



    11. "Two years after our divorce was final, he asked me if I’d give him a 5 a.m. wake-up call the next day because he had an early flight for a business trip. I said of course I wouldn’t do that because we weren't married anymore. He overslept, missed his flight, thought he was going to get fired, and called me to berate me for not calling to wake him up."


    12. "My husband left me in the middle of the night. He just packed all his shit and disappeared. Absolutely nothing led up to this. He showed back up hours later for something he forgot, and asked if he could take my iPhone charger."


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    13. "My mom got her new house paid for 100% by my dad from the divorce. She had zero mortgage. Then she gambled it away and now lives in a trailer. My dad had to take out a second mortgage to pay for her house. He was pissed when he found out that she pissed away a $150,000 house to the casinos."


    14. "My ex married a woman with my name, and then they opened a line of credit as me!"


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    15. And this: "My aunt's ex-husband came back and stole her raspberry bushes from their yard because 'they were [his].'"

    What is the wildest thing you or your spouse did after your divorce? Let us know in the comments.

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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