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    Whitney Houston Almost Played A Character On "Glee," And Ryan Murphy Explained Why It Didn't Happen

    Ryan Murphy said he spoke to Whitney directly on the phone and told her it would be great for her to play a teacher, and Whitney gladly answered, "I agree."

    Yes, you read that headline correctly. THE Whitney Houston, vocal legend and music icon, agreed to guest-star on Glee back in 2009.

    Whitney holding a Grammy backstage

    Kevin McHale and Jenna Ushkowitz's podcast, And That's What You Really Missed, tells us all the BTS facts that they know Gleeks are looking for.

    Yesterday, they shared a conversation they had with Ryan Murphy, who revealed that Whitney Houston agreed to play the part of Grace Hitchens, a choir director at a school for female juvenile delinquents, in Season 1. The role eventually went to Eve.

    Eve sitting behind a desk in a scene from

    Ryan shared Whitney was interested in the show because she was in choir when she was younger. "She just loved that it was about kids in choir, and she was like 'This is phenomenal. Like, that you're doing a show about show choir.'"

    Whitney singing onstage

    Ryan said he spoke to her directly on the phone and told her it would be great for her to play a teacher and Whitney gladly answered, "I agree." Clearly, that ended up not happening, and Ryan explained it by saying, "I don't think she was in the right place and time to do it is all I'll say."

    He continued, "She didn't end up doing it, and Eve was phenomenal," which is absolutely true and Eve played the role fabulously!

    Still, I'm blown away by the possibility of Whitney playing a recurring character on the show and the chance she may have even performed something. For Glee, that would've been a performance for the books!

    If you want more Glee tea directly from the source, new episodes of And That's What You Really Missed come out every Monday!