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Which Popular Disney Channel Character Do You Hate?

Get it off your chest!

While it might be intimidating to come forward about which popular Disney Channel characters you hate, this is a safe space, and we’re dying to know!

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Like, maybe you hate Troy Bolton from High School Musical because you think he was too hot and cold with Gabriella.

Disney Channel

Or maybe you hate Miley Stewart from Hannah Montana because you think she was suuuper entitled and ungrateful for her amazing life.

Disney Channel

Or perhaps you hate Galleria Garibaldi from The Cheetah Girls because you think she was way too controlling of her bandmates and not very understanding.

Disney Channel

So tell us which popular character you hate from a Disney Channel show or movie and why. Feel free to include all the reasons and moments that made you dislike them. You could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!