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What's A Storyline From A TV Show That Was Completely Unnecessary?

They could've thought of something better.

You know when you're a fan of a TV show and a storyline starts that seems super random, over the top, or ultimately pointless?

For example, maybe you were watching Riverdale and felt the whole storyline where Cheryl hung out with her brother's corpse was just too bizarre of a way to address her difficulties grieving.

Or maybe you felt Gaby's child-switched-at-birth storyline on Desperate Housewives wasn't needed because it came out of nowhere and was never addressed again once it was over.

Or perhaps you felt the romance between Dan and Blair on Gossip Girl was totally forced and just didn't make any sense.

Tell us what storyline from a TV show was completely unnecessary and WHY, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!