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What's A Plot Twist From A Series Finale That Left You Speechless?

I love the unexpected.

Series finales are bittersweet. You say goodbye to your favorite characters but finally see how their stories conclude. And oftentimes, there's a moment in a series finale that fans did NOT see coming at all that makes the ending sooooo much better.

For example, maybe you were watching the series finale of Jane the Virgin and were left speechless when it was revealed that Jane's son Matteo was the narrator all along.

Mateo telling Jane that his grandma said he'd be good at voiceover work and then the narrator saying "And for the record, I am"

Or perhaps you were watching the last episode of Glee and you were floored that after the five-year time-jump, Rachel was married to Jesse.

Rachel seeing Jesse and saying "There's my husband"

Or maybe were watching the Mad Men finale and were shocked at the moment when Don was at the retreat for enlightenment and it cut to the iconic Coke hilltop commercial, implying Don just used his enlightenment to inspire the ad and went back to his old ways.

So tell us what plot twist in a series finale left you speechless and WHY. You could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!