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What Character From A TV Show Randomly Disappeared?

How did they think we wouldn't notice?

Have you ever been a fan of a TV series and noticed that after an episode, a character just...disappears?

Like how on Family Matters, the youngest daughter, Judy Winslow, was never seen or mentioned again after being the flower girl at her grandmother's wedding in Season 4.

Or how on Glee, Finn's friend Sean Fretthold, who was paralyzed in a football game, was never heard from or seen again after Season 1, even though Rachel was giving him singing lessons.

Maybe you noticed how, on That '70s Show, Donna's sister Tina from Season 1 vanished and Donna was referred to as an only child in the future.

Or perhaps it always bothered you how Tori Scott from Saved by the Bell was just absent from the last episode as if she was never there to begin with.

So tell us what TV characters you noticed randomly *disappeared*, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!