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What Are Your Favorite LGBTQ+ Movies That Are Currently On Netflix?

Let me get some popcorn.

Even though there's been a big increase of queer representation in film over the past few years, there are still tons of accessible LGBTQ+ films that people have no idea exist!

So I want to know what your favorite LGBTQ+ movies are that are currently on Netflix and why!

Maybe your favorite is Moonlight, because it was a groundbreaking coming-of-age film that moved you like no other movie.

Or maybe you're obsessed with The Perfection because you're a total sucker for a good psychological thriller.

Or perhaps you were glued to the TV watching Growing Up Coy because you love documentaries about fights for the right cause.

Whatever it is, share the wealth! Tell us your favorite LGBTQ+ movies that are currently on Netflix and why you love them. You could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!