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    51 People Who Got Unpredictable Responses They Just Weren't Ready To Receive

    "My controversial opinion is that nobody shot JFK. His head just did that."

    1. This person who got a compliment...kinda:

    2. This person who got some shocking news:

    Twitter: @orangefishies3

    3. This person who got a text from their date while ON the date:

    4. This person who was asked out...but there was a catch:

    Twitter: @FallofLoverboy

    5. This person who tried to shoot their shot:

    Twitter: @Ariellex1_

    6. This person who was reminding people of the 2008 economic crisis:

    Twitter: @musicstruggles1

    7. This person who read this reply on a Hinge profile:

    Twitter: @rismanagement

    8. This person who was testing their S.O.'s loyalty:

    Twitter: @negarsadat_

    9. This chronically online person who wasn't always understood:

    Twitter: @melilbi

    10. This person who was picking up some food:

    taco bell employee gave me my order and said “see you again tomorrow”

    Twitter: @killmepill

    11. This person who was trying to connect with someone:

    Twitter: @shutupjenifer

    12. This person who had to deal with some seriously dumb customers:

    i was a vaccine checker tonight at my venue and i swear to god i’m not fucking with you, one couple came up to me and asked “vaccine for what”…… WHAT DO YOU MEAN VACCINE FOR WHAT

    Twitter: @sarahrxdriguez

    13. This person who learned that Grimes wasn't teaching her child how to speak:

    just remembered the time grimes told everyone on tiktok that she didn't know you were supposed to teach your baby words

    Twitter: @kittynouveau

    14. This person who got dragged:

    if I can survive this, I can survive anything

    Twitter: @googleymoogley

    15. This person who was NOT trying to be a step-parent to multiple kids:

    Twitter: @PHIVEXSTAR

    16. This person whose energy was not matched:

    Twitter: @lovekillallevil

    17. This person who was trying to correct someone's mistake:

    😐 from facepalm

    18. This person who thought they had a genius, brand-new idea:

    19. This person who tried to make a thoughtful message:

    20. This person whose mom was soooo misinformed about texting lingo:

    21. This person who was asked for cleaning advice:

    22. This person who was excited to talk about her newborn:

    23. This person who was totally misunderstood:

    Twitter: @solondzy

    24. This person who asked for someone's home address:

    25. This person who unintentionally angered a Grubhub driver:

    26. This person whose corny pickup line backfired:

    27. This person who texted their crush before their date:

    28. This person who asked someone out and got their answer in an unusual way:

    29. This person who tried to return a missed call:

    30. This person who asked a question and got BRUTAL honesty:

    31. This person who put their heart on the line and probably wished they didn't:

    32. This person who got rejected in the worst way possible:

    33. This person who was used for content creation:

    34. This person who tried to get some pity compliments:

    35. This person who was concerned that someone was hurt:

    damn some bitch just fell down the stairs in my complex and i went to check on her n all she said was “no i deserve this”

    Twitter: @kikosdreamworld

    36. This person who was mistaken for another person:

    Twitter: @thatguyuptown

    37. This person who thought they came up with a valid excuse to get out of class:

    this email i just got i can’t

    Twitter: @autiotrip

    38. This person who dismissed someone and was left speechless:

    Twitter: @tasmemelol

    39. This person whose friend was just as clueless as them:

    Twitter: @ycgrom

    40. This person who learned they were pregnant:

    Twitter: @leanwdafanta

    41. This person who didn't always have their boyfriend's sense of humor:

    Twitter: @Uosipaw

    42. This person who got a very real answer from a doctor:

    i got botox and i asked the dr “how many years younger will this make me look?” and he was like “zero. you’ll just look like the other girls your age who have also gotten botox.”

    Twitter: @baddanadanabad

    43. This person who did a romantic gesture of their girlfriend, which ended quite unromantically:

    I surprised my Girlfriend at work this morning. Came up behind her and kissed her on the neck She Laughed and said “Mike stop you know we’re at work” My name is Brandon

    Twitter: @B2daJay

    44. This person who made a huuuuuge mistake:

    Twitter: @pholicity

    45. This person who will probably not be having this house guest over again:

    Twitter: @RVineshank

    46. This person who was trying to sext:

    Twitter: @blueboredom

    47. This person who needed to figure out their birth chart:

    Twitter: @daItoncsmith

    48. This person whose mom believed that pictures really were worth 1,000 words:

    my mom and I text like twice a month and this is usually how it goes

    Twitter: @coochieflop

    49. This person who came clean about their infidelity:

    Twitter: @sandavidcito

    50. This person who made a very wrong assumption:

    51. And this person who messaged the wrong person, but got the right advice: