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27 Storylines On TV Shows That People Could've Done Without

It's Spencer's British twin on Pretty Little Liars for me.

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what storyline from a TV show was completely unecessary. Here's what they had to say:

🚨Warning: Spoilers ahead!🚨

1. Michael coming back after he had presumably died on Jane the Virgin.

Jane looking at Michael in shock and Rafael explaining how his sister faked Michael's death
The CW

"He died and it took so long for her to grieve and move on that bringing him back for like three episodes seemed forced."


2. Quinn getting in a car accident and ending up in a wheelchair on Glee.

Quinn in a wheelchair going up a ramp

"They had her go through physical therapy with Joe, just for them to not even stay close at all. Then by Nationals, she’s just up there dancing like nothing ever happened. Maybe they just needed something to stop Rachel and Finn from getting married, but that was legit ridiculous."


3. Ted going back to Robin in the series finale of How I Met Your Mother.

Robin looking out her window to see Ted standing there with a french horn

"You just spent an entire nine seasons waiting for him to find Tracy and this devalues the love him and Tracy had before her death and how she’s everything he was looking for. It makes it feel like the whole point of the show was for him and Robin to be together, which it wasn’t. They wanted different things."


4. Rachel and Joey’s romance on Friends.

Ross walking in on Rachel and Joey kissing

"It makes me cringe even now."


5. Spencer having an evil twin at the end of Pretty Little Liars.

Spencer and her identical twin Alex standing next to each other in fear

"The show after Mona was revealed as 'A' went steadily downhill, but the entire last season was unnecessary."


6. Eleven finding her siblings in Stranger Things.

Eleven and Kali standing next to each other

"It came out of nowhere and was so unnecessary and never mentioned following that episode."


7. Luke discovering he had a daughter in Gilmore Girls.

Luke talking to April and processing that he's her father
The WB

"It didn't add anything, it was just time filling."


8. The whole Olivia kidnapping storyline in Scandal.

Oliva Pope trying to escape from a window in a room

"For me, that was when Scandal went to sh*t. You can clearly tell that the writers themselves were so confused with this storyline. They didn't know how to wrap it all up."


9. Lily and Rufus meeting their son on Gossip Girl.

Rufus and Lily talking to their son Scott
The CW

"He was never mentioned again. This storyline added nothing to the plot and didn’t help the characters to progress in any way."


10. Pam and Jim having marital problems in the final season of The Office.

Jim and Pam walking together with annoyed expressions on their faces

"It was unnecessary and felt completely ill-timed. We spent nine seasons knowing they were soulmates and then some camera guy throws them off for a second? Come on."


11. Mr. Turner getting into a motorcycle accident in Boy Meets World.

Sean sitting beside Mr. Turner who is in a hospital bed with casts on his arm and head

"It was like a big deal for one episode and then not really mentioned again for the rest of the series."

Megan Townsend

12. Landry killing a guy on Friday Night Lights.

Landry grabbing a blunt object and hitting a man's hand with it

"LITERALLY unnecessary because they proceeded to never mention it ever again."


13. Debra getting over her stepbrother being a serial killer and realizing she had romantic feelings for him in Dexter.

Debra confessing her feelings to Dexter

"It was super out of the blue and never went anywhere except for giving me a creepy feeling, especially knowing that the actors were married at the time in real life."


14. Izzie having a brain tumor that resulted in her having sex with her dead ghost boyfriend in Grey's Anatomy.

Izzie talking to the ghost of her ex-boyfriend, Denny

15. Ben's existence in Friends.

Rachel and Ben

"The show could've done without him. There were other ways they could have incorporated Carol and Susan in the series without Ben, especially since they completely dropped Ben for the last two seasons."


16. Emma and Spinner getting married in Degrassi: The Next Generation.

Spinner and Emma standing at the altar

"Just why? They have literally no chemistry and no relationship development."


17. Jackson and Maggie’s relationship in Grey's Anatomy.



18. When Reagan was a replacement for Jess in New Girl.


"I think Zooey was on maternity leave or something, but I would have rather had to wait than to have her essentially replaced."


19. Spencer and Caleb's relationship in Pretty Little Liars.

Caleb and Spencer sitting on a couch, holding hands, and looking at a laptop

"It didn’t really add anything to the show for me and it was confusing to watch, knowing they were clearly going to end up with other people."


20. The whole last season of Once Upon a Time.


"It was completely unnecessary and didn’t really make sense from the other seasons. Like, why would they introduce a whole new set of characters?"


21. Ian and Lip getting DNA tests done in Shameless and finding out Ian is not Frank’s son, but one of Frank’s brother’s sons.

Lip and Ian being shocked by seeing Clayton, Frank's identical twin

"They spend one episode looking for Frank’s brothers, make an assumption on Clayton being Ian’s dad, and then it’s never mentioned again."


22. Tom finding out he had a daughter before he and Lynette were together in Desperate Housewives.

Kayla looking out of the back window of a car at Tom and Lynette as she's driven away

"They brought her and her horrible mom into the show to cause problems between Tom and Lynette, killed off her mom, made the daughter a huge brat to Lynette, then sent her away with her random grandparents never to be spoken about again! I hated that storyline."


23. On Glee, when Rachel gave up her dream Broadway role in Funny Girl to star in that really bad TV show that got canceled.


"While it was nice to see Rachel Berry finally fail at something and not have it fixed by a diva tantrum, the plot didn't make sense. The whole goal of her character was to be on Broadway and she idolized Barbra Streisand. It ruined the show for me."


24. The whole high school musical storyline in Season 1 of The Politician.

Payton singing on stage and playing a guitar

"Ryan Murphy was just looking for an excuse to have Ben Platt sing again."


25. Frank being revealed as the incestuous child of Sam and Hannah on How to Get Away with Murder.

Annalise telling Bonnie that Frank is the product of incest between Sam and Hannah

"It was a little much. It was only placed in the last few episodes to try to wrap up some loose ends, but they could have done that a lot of other ways."


26. Annie’s cousin staying with her family in 90210 and ruining Annie's social life for no reason.

Annie confronting Emily and then attacking her
The CW

"I don’t even remember her name. It was so unnecessary."

diana scarlett

27. And finally, the tickling videos storyline on Riverdale.

Terry offering to film Kevin being tickled on film for money
The CW

"It just made me so uncomfortable, it was unnecessary and creepy. Kevin deserved better."

That Emo Chick

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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