17 People Who Got Responses They Did Not See Coming


    1. This person whose mom was fed up:

    Twitter: @daItoncsmith

    2. This person who got a baffling follow-up message:

    Twitter: @zenatbegum

    3. This person who got messaged by someone who saw them in the park:

    Twitter: @harrytbrt

    4. This person who got a message that completely killed the mood:

    Twitter: @blueboredom

    5. This person who was just sharing some music:

    6. This person who probably regrets replying to this Snapchat photo:

    7. This person whose daughter shared her life goals:

    I asked my 7 year old daughter what she wants to be when she grows up 😭❤️

    Twitter: @IAMHIPHOPMAG

    8. This person who got a very dry response from a teenager:

    Don’t text the 13 year olds in your life happy birthday unless you’re ready to get full bodied curb stomped in return

    Twitter: @mwidds

    9. This person who probably wishes they never started this conversation:

    10. This person who got rejected with an obvious lie:

    Twitter: @hornyIoI

    11. This person whose mom texted in riddles:

    my mom and I text like twice a month and this is usually how it goes

    Twitter: @coochieflop

    12. This person who might have gotten trust issues after this:

    13. This person who was asked for a favor:

    Twitter: @waitdremo

    14. This person who got a very honest answer:

    Twitter: @asapsmoke01

    15. This person who got vulnerable and opened up:

    Twitter: @yungsids

    16. This person who reached out to someone from Bumble:

    17. And this person whose project partner didn't get their joke:

    Twitter: @melilbi