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    22 Jokes From Twitter About Your Mid-Twenties That Hit Way Too Close To Home

    "Your mid-twenties are for googling how to use retinol."

    Your twenties are a...strange period. At times you feel like you're still a teenager, while at other times you feel like a geriatric millennial.

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    And when you look around at your peers, half of them are getting married and working "big boy" jobs, while the other half still live in their childhood bedroom and are having Hot Pockets for dinner.

    Abbi from "Broad City" telling Ilana she's a responsible adult
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    So without further ado, enjoy some hilarious tweets that embody what an odd period your mid-twenties can be:

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    someone just told me that 24 is technically your mid twenties and now my entire day is ruined

    Twitter: @abbygov


    Your mid-twenties will say, “I know a place” and then take you to crippling depression with a juul addiction.

    Twitter: @a__biggs


    I’m in my twenties... I have a full time job, I own a car, I’m not addicted to drugs, I haven’t been arrested and I beat teen pregnancy BUT that won’t stop my Mom from reminding me about that one time I fucked up on October 21st 2006

    Twitter: @amanda_c_rae


    The weird thing about being in your mid-twenties is coming to terms with the fact that you can actually make real life choices for yourself....??? like if I wanted to up and relocate to Hawaii or Vegas today I technically could??? 🧐 Idk seems fake...

    Twitter: @OzieBee


    being 25 is just doing chores while listening to the music they played at your middle school dance

    Twitter: @scottstreetmp3


    Sleeping on your neck wrong in your mid-twenties is equivalent to falling down a set of stairs.

    Twitter: @strandburger


    Being 25 is just all ur friends saying random things and then tying their childhood traumas to it

    Twitter: @GinaShkeda


    ur mid twenties is all about fucking up that little muscle between your spine and your shoulder blade. nothing else happens

    Twitter: @sh_wnee


    Dating in your mid twenties is a lot of work bc I am so weird now... and it is just so hard to hide

    Twitter: @reagandwalker


    Your early twenties are for teaching men in their thirties how to treat women. Your mid twenties are for googling how to use retinol.

    Twitter: @confirmedrump


    Me, in my mid twenties, when friends in their early twenties suggest going to a third bar. #TheBachelorette

    Twitter: @_AttorneyAtPaw


    Twitter: @pxkerwithelIen


    mid twenties and I still feel like a kid playing dress up whenever I wear something that's not jeans and a t-shirt please tell me I'm not alone

    Twitter: @skyetokki


    had one of those “bloody hell everyone seems to be pregnant” moments, then I realised that I’m in my mid twenties, an age when it’s entirely normal to be pregnant. confused and shocked.

    Twitter: @JennyLConstable


    Me in college: sad about boys not responding/ghosting :/ Me in my mid twenties: sad about potential landlords not responding/ghosting :/

    Twitter: @sophiahillgraf


    me being 25 and not having a driver’s license

    Twitter: @GoAskAvery


    Me in my mid-20s telling people in their early-20s how they have to take advantage of their youth

    Twitter: @TwiterlessGuru


    Being 24 is just tossing back ginger ale and hoping it fixes your stomach issues

    Twitter: @haayleywalsh


    If you are in your mid-twenties doing tiktok dances just know I’m here if you need to talk to someone

    Twitter: @kayleyann13


    Being in your mid-twenties is just constantly feeling the wrong age. Everything you do, you either feel too old for it or too young for it

    Twitter: @heidisielbach


    being in your mid-twenties is just eating the same dinner three nights in a row, deciding between having fun on the weekend or not being exhausted at work and listening to the same five songs on repeat

    Twitter: @cxreyjacksxn


    Honestly, the worsts part about being 26 is that when I refer to my childhood I say ‘but that was 20 years ago’ and that being true

    Twitter: @jameswrawlinson