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21 TV Show Mistakes, Inconsistencies, And Continuity Errors That You Can't Unsee Once You've Seen Them

I was today years old when I learned that Topanga had an older sister on Boy Meets World.

We asked people of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what mistakes they noticed on TV shows. Here are some of their eye-opening responses:

1. Sabrina the Teenage Witch started when Sabrina turned 16, yet there are four seasons of her in high school, with each season having a Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day episode implying that another year had passed. She doesn’t start college until Season 5, which would mean she was in high school as a 20-year-old.

Pictures of halloween episodes from Seasons 1-4

2. In the Gossip Girl pilot episode, Chuck said something about taking his mom's pills, but later in the show it’s revealed that she died during childbirth.

Chuck telling Nate he will swipe his mom's Paxil in the pilot and then Chuck telling Dan his mom died during childbirth in Season 2

3. In The Office, Pam’s mom visited during the early seasons before Pam and Jim were together. However, later in the series, Pam's mom was played by a different actor.

Pam's mom in seasons 2 and 6 played by different actors

4. In Season 1, Episode 6 of The Good Place, there was a scene where Janet was visibly being handed a stack of papers by a crew member.

Janet being handed a stack of papers from the bottom of the screen and then handing them to Michael

5. Topanga had a sister named Nebula in Season 1 of Boy Meets World, but she was never mentioned again, and later on Topanga was referred to as an only child.

Nebula Lawerence from "Boy Meets World"

6. In the Season 1 finale of Veronica Mars, there was a fire scene where two crew members were visible in the background shot of Keith.

Keith standing behind a huge fire and crew members visible in the background

7. After six seasons, That '70s Show recasted the role of Laurie Foreman.

Lisa Robin Kelly as Laurie and Christina Moore as Laurie later on

8. When Brittany and Santana were talking by the lockers in Season 2, Episode 22 of Glee, Brittany’s bangs would constantly switch from being clipped back to flowing loose.

Shots of Brittany and Santana talking at the lockers with Britney's bangs in a different place for each shot

9. In Friends, when Monica was picking out her wedding dress, she tried on one dress, and then when she found it again on the rack, it was clearly a completely different dress.

Monica choosing her wedding dress and then picking up a different one at the store and claiming it's the same one she tried on prior

10. Carrie had a sister named Sara in the early episodes of The King of Queens. She disappeared sometime in the first season and was never mentioned again.

Sarah Spooner from "The King of Queens"

11. In Season 4 of Glee, Joe and Sugar were inexplicably no longer members of glee club. They come back in the Season 4 finale to perform with them at Regionals, but then they are gone again in Season 5.

12. When Veronica is a high school senior in Riverdale, she gets accepted to Harvard's class of 2024, meaning she was part of the high school class of 2020. However, in Season 5, there is a seven-year time jump where she claims it was now 2021.

Veronica getting a phone call that she is accepted to Harvard's class of 2024 and her in Season 5 saying it's 2021

13. Blair Waldorf's mom in Gossip Girl was played by a completely different actor in the pilot than in the rest of the series.

Florencia Lozano as Blair's mom in the pilot and Margaret Colin as Blair's mom later on

14. Jessie had a stepbrother, Eric, on Saved by the Bell, who disappeared after a two-part episode called "Wicked Stepbrother."

Eric and Jessie talking in a bedroom as he holds a sweater

15. Noah Centineo replaced Jake T. Austin as Jesus in the third season of The Fosters.

Jake T. Austin as Jesus in Season 1 and Noah Centineo as Jesus in Season 3

16. In Season 4 of Saved by the Bell, Jessie and Kelly were missing without explanation for half the season. During those episodes, a new character named Tori befriended the other characters and dated Zack. In the graduation episode, Jessie and Kelly returned, but Tori was gone.

Zack and Tori hanging by the lockers

17. Carol was played by a different actor after her first appearance on Friends.

Anita Barone as Carol and Jane Sibbett as Carol later on

18. Detective Daniels from Brooklyn Nine-Nine was introduced in the pilot along with Hitchcock and Scully but was never seen again.

Detective Daniels talking to coworkers

19. Jessica DiLaurentis, Alison's mom on Pretty Little Liars, was played by a different actor after the pilot episode.

Anne Marie DeLuise as Jessica DiLaurentis in the pilot episode and Andrea Parker as Jessica later on

20. Jason DiLaurentis, Alison's brother on Pretty Little Liars, was also played by a different actor after Season 1.

Parker Bagley as Jason in Season 1 and Drew Van Acker as Jason later on

21. And in Season 3 of Riverdale, FP celebrates his 50th birthday. This season took place at some point in the 2010s. But based on a flashback episode earlier that season, he was a high school junior in the early '90s. So basically, it was impossible for him to be 50 during any point of the 2010s.

FP at his 50th birthday party and FP as a high school junior in the '90s flashback episode

What are some other mistakes and inconsistencies you've caught on TV shows? Let us know in the comments!