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    19 TV Costume Details That Are So Damn Clever But Went Over A Lot Of People's Heads

    Fashion really does make a statement.

    We recently asked people of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what clever costume details they noticed on TV shows. Here are some of their eye-opening responses:

    🚨Warning: Spoilers ahead!🚨

    1. After Beth Harmon becomes the world champion on The Queen's Gambit, her final outfit is her dressed like a white queen chess piece, down to the hat.

    Beth dressed in a long white overcoat and a white hat with a pompom

    2. Also in The Queen’s Gambit, Beth often wears plaid or checks to reflect that chess is always on her mind.

    Beth wearing clothes with plaid and checks

    3. In Season 3, Episode 8 of Stranger Things, Lucas and Max wear the same shirts as Donna and Eric from That '70s Show.

    Lucas and Max wearing the same shirts as Donna and Eric
    Netflix / Fox

    4. On the "Goodbye Michael" episode of The Office, Michael Scott walks through airport security while a long, red strand of yarn hangs from his pocket. It's Phyllis's unfinished mittens that she was working on for his going-away present.

    Michael Scott walking through the airport with a string of yarn hanging out of his pocket

    5. On Jane the Virgin, every time Jane is going to be involved in a big, life-changing romantic event, she wears a yellow dress.

    Jane wearing yellow dresses when she declared her love for Michael, declared her love for Rafael, and got back together with Rafael.
    The CW

    6. The pink dress Alexis wears the first time we see her in Schitt’s Creek is the same dress she gives to Twyla in the series finale.

    Twyla holding a pink dress and Alexis wearing the same dress in the pilot episode
    Pop / CBC

    7. On Breaking Bad, during the “I am the one who knocks” scene, Walter removes his shirt, revealing a darker-red shirt underneath to symbolize the increase of darkness in his character.

    Walter removing a red shirt to reveal a darker red shirt underneath

    8. Also on Breaking Bad, ABQ residents briefly wear commemorative ribbons after the plane crash, but Saul wears his for a long time after indicating that he's trying to convince victims to join a civil lawsuit.

    Saul wearing a commemorative ribbon

    9. In the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia episode "The Gang Gets Trapped," it seems that the group bought an Indiana Jones costume before breaking into the house but couldn't decide who should wear it, so they split it up. Charlie wears the jacket, Mac wears the hat, and Frank has the whip.

    Charlie wearing an Indiana Jones jacket, Mac wearing an India Jones hat, and Frank holding an Indiana Jones whip

    10. When Dwight becomes temporary manager on The Office, Andy starts wearing short-sleeved shirts, continuing his strategy of "personality mirroring" his bosses.

    Dwight and Andy both wearing short sleeves

    11. Throughout the first season of Euphoria, Jules slowly starts wearing darker, edgier, less feminine clothing, which reflects both her struggles and her dressing more for herself than for men.


    12. In the Riverdale flashback episode that pays homage to The Breakfast Club, teenage Alice wears fingerless gloves like the ones Bender wore in the movie.

    Teenage Alice and Bender wearing the same fingerless gloves
    The CW

    13. On Criminal Minds, Reid never wears a matching pair of socks because Matthew Gray Gubler thinks that matching socks are bad luck.

    Dr. Reid wearing mismatching socks on a track field

    14. On The Haunting of Hill House, Olivia’s outfits change to reflect her growing madness and also come from the wardrobe of Poppy Hill, the ghost who haunts her.

    Olivia wearing a Blue robe, a green robe, and a thing white robe

    "She begins with typical 1992 fashions and a kind of bohemian vibe, and then subsequently begins wearing robes and nightgowns more and more as Hill House plays with her mind."


    15. On the Season 2 premiere of Broad City, there are two women on the subway who are dressed exactly the way Ilana and Abbi were in a Season 1 episode.

    Abbi and Ilana riding the subway in Season 1 and Two girls wearing the exact same thing in Season 2 on the subway
    Comedy Central

    16. In Season 2 of Derry Girls, after Clare comes out, the Derry girls all wear rainbow pins in support, and it's never acknowledged by the characters.

    The Derry Girls all wearing rainbow pins

    17. In Episode 5 of The Wilds, Fatin wears clothes in flashbacks that the other girls are currently wearing on the island, because Fatin's suitcase was the only one to wash up on shore.

    Rachel wearing the same shirt on the Island that Fatin wears in a flashback
    Amazon Prime

    18. In an episode of Gravity Falls, Tyler can't decide between two shirts, and later on he's seen wearing the shirts sewn together.

    Tyler wearing two shirts sewn together
    Cartoon Network

    19. And on the series finale of The Big Bang Theory, Penny wears the same shirt she wore in the very first episode.

    Penny wearing the same shirt in the finale as she did in the pilot

    Some of the submissions in this post have been sourced from Reddit.

    What's a smart wardrobe detail you noticed on a TV show? Let us know in the comments!

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