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21 Times People's Common Sense Left Their Body For The Day

Common sense might not be so common after all.

1. This person learned the hard way how to bake oatmeal cookies:

Everyone feel free to roast my roommate who thought oatmeal cookies are just baked oatmeal

Twitter: @LateNightNelly

2. This person had a genius idea for killing COVID particles on money:

3. This person kinda proved that there is such a thing as a stupid question:

4. This person should've thought a little longer before tweeting this:

Twitter: @barbzstruggle

5. This person baked pies without an essential ingredient:

6. This person completely ignored the obvious place for the toilet paper:

7. This person needs to start watching the National Geographic Channel more:

8. This person should've just listened to their wife:

9. This person thought someone was throwing avocados on their lawn.

Friend has been complaining about finding an avocado on his lawn every day for weeks now. Why would someone keep throwing avocados in his yard? Who would do that? You guys he just realized he has an avocado tree

10. This person thought Google was glitching:

11. This drunk person's forgetfulness caused a massive mess:

12. This person should've taken a closer look before pouring their morning juice:

13. This person's strongest subject in school probably wasn't geography.

14. This person thought bareskin condoms were _actually _made from bears.

15. This person completely misunderstood this headline.

u/Clemantthegymleader / Via

16. This person hung a curtain rod over their door which ended up making it impossible to open the door:

17. This person left the stove on without any water in the pot.

In case you ever think your roommate is dumb... let me one up you

18. This person who embarrassingly did not learn from experience.

19. This person didn't know that there were synonyms for "straight."

20. This person thought a good place to keep a spare key was under a mat with holes.

21. And this person thought the sinking of the Titanic was completely fictional.

u/mandysapotatoe / Via