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    17 Gen Z'ers Who Didn't Have A Single Damn To Give In 2019

    The kids are gonna be alright.

    1. This icon who prioritized iced coffee over school:

    Yesterday a girl walked into class with an iced coffee and my prof told her she couldn’t have it so she just walked out and never came back and I can’t stop thinking about it

    2. This guy who went the extra mile to show his girlfriend what her new clothes looked like:

    I told my boyfriend to show me pictures of my outfits that I ordered and I for sure was not expecting this...

    3. This guy who came for his sister via spoken word:

    I didn’t answer my brothers FaceTime call and this is what I received

    4. Any and all the Gen Z'ers responsible for renaming this lady on TikTok Kidz Bop Karen:

    My kidz bop Karen video went viral on tiktok so I’m just gonna drop it here too lol

    5. This student who "Ok boomer"-ed his teacher, which really set her off:

    6. This 13-year-old who called out their number neighbor:

    My number neighbor fried the shit out of me

    7. This girl who was not the most patient texter to say the least:

    when people leave my 15 yr old sister on read she sends them voice memos of her Screaming

    8. This guy who came out of the closet both literally AND figuratively:

    Y’all.... this is how my little brother wanted to come out in the family group chat 😂🤦🏾‍♂️

    9. This person who gave a very honest history lesson on TikTok:

    european age of exploration/invasion, 1405 - present

    10. This guy who used a 3D printer just to make whatever the hell came to mind:

    Who gave my little brother a 3D printer 🙄

    11. This person who used a tortilla for...hijinks, some might call it:

    12. This girl who was not trying to go to her high school reunion:

    Sure I could go to a high school reunion, but what would I say to them? Congrats on the pyramid scheme? Congrats on the teen marriage? Nothing I say would sound sincere

    13. This person who got their money's worth after paying tuition:

    14. This student who was just completely and utterly over it:

    This guy gave up on studying and has spent the last 15 minutes blowing bubbles in the library

    15. This kid who gladly made friends with complete strangers:

    My 10 yr old has never met a stranger. Today at a hotel pool I couldn’t find him and he was with an entirely different family making dinner plans.

    16. This icon who smuggled cheese into class:

    My 9-year-old daughter has taken an old lip balm tube and filled it with cheese so she can eat it in class.

    17. And lastly, this kween who logged in her ex's Snapchat to get justice:

    My bf cheated on me so I logged into his snap & posted these on his story. Xoxo enjoy

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