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    Updated on Jan 15, 2020. Posted on Jan 15, 2020

    16 Twitter Jokes About TikTok Nurses Because A Nurse On TikTok Said The Best Way To Prevent STIs Is Abstinence

    "Mom, can you come pick me up? There are TikTok nurses here."

    So, recently a nurse received backlash for posting a TikTok where she said the best way to avoid STIs is abstinence.

    if i go to get tested and the nurse tell me i should have waited till marriage SOMEONE is getting knocked tf out

    And since this wasn't the first time a nurse posted an unprofessional TikTok, people on Twitter have started making some jokes about the whole movement:


    no one: no one at all: tiktok nurse: you’re not actually sick nothing is wrong with you, you’re faking it you just need to drink more water and ~*~*~*Jesus*~*~*~


    screaming in the background of a nurse's TikTok as the hospital bed folds in on me like a clam


    doctor: are you sexually active? me: (unmarried) yes tik tok nurse: [cocks pistol] the fuck did you just say?


    [at the hospital] me: i need help please i broke my leg tik tok nurse: did you try ~praying~? me: no my bone is broken tik tok nurse: go home. pray. drink water *doing tik tok dance* don’t forget abstinence


    At the hospital. The nurse just took my vitals. I hear say so by doja cat playing in the other room. she’s filming a tiktok. 30 seconds later she comes back to tell me i have late stage ass cancer with a 20% chance of survival. She leaves. Renegade starts playing in the othe room


    nurses be like “gotta get to bed 😴 i got tiktok in the morning 😌💁‍♀️”


    What’s with all these doctors and nurses fooling around on tiktok in the hospital ? get to work 😭 I’ve been bleeding out in the ER for 6 hours


    mom can u come pick me up there are tik tok nurses here


    when the nurse leaves to get the doctor she’s actually making a tik tok about how you’re a sinner



    This is the only nurse tik tok I support


    Patient: *breathes* Nurses with TikTok accounts:


    me, crawling on all fours into the emergency room: p-please help I’m— Tiktok nurse:


    Medicare For All Who Agree to Lip Sync Rihanna Songs for their Nurse’s Tik Tok.


    tik tok nurse: the best way to avoid car accidents is to never drive a car


    If my nurse is famous on Tik Tok just let me die

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