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    Women Are Sharing Things They Wish They Knew Before They Were Pregnant, And It's Eye-Opening

    The more you know.

    Recently Reddit user u/BonkBoi_TacoFace asked other users, "Pregnant women of reddit, what is something you wish you knew BEFORE you got pregnant?"

    Molly from "Insecure" rubbing Tiffany's baby bump
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    In response, they received tons of informative replies on the things many people don't know about pregnancy. Here are some of the most interesting ones:

    1. "Baby kicks don’t feel like butterflies. They feel like something crawled across your skin quickly but from the inside."


    Peter from "Family Guy" getting kicked in the face by Bonnie's womb

    2. "Stuff stays with your body afterwards. I developed allergies after I had my second child, and my feet definitely got bigger. Hormones are no joke."


    3. "No one ever told me about the 'third delivery,' aka your first poop."

    "The first delivery is the baby, second is the placenta, and the third is the poop. I was struggling for so long to poop."


    A woman sitting on the toilet
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    4. "That no matter how much you planned and wanted your baby, postpartum depression can happen to you and it is very, very real."

    "It is not something you can control. Hormones are liars. Partners of new moms, please pay close attention. Get help. Do not try to tough it out."


    5. "I wish someone had warned me about muscle cramps."

    "I had to learn a new way to pop my ankles because every night I would pop them and get massive charley horses in my legs that my fiancé had to massage out."


    Jane from "Jane the Virgin" sitting on the bus while 9 months pregnant
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    6. "I had a C-section and the gas pain was no joke. Had to sleep on an incline for days."


    7. "I had heard about sciatica pain but was 100% unprepared for how bad it could be."


    Quinn from "Glee" in labor at the hospital

    8. "Your body produces a hormone called relaxin that helps loosen your pelvis in preparation for birth."

    "Some women get waayyy too much too soon and it loosens everything to the point you lose mobility and every day all day is painful."


    9. "Each pregnancy is different, even with the same person."

    "I have three kids. The first pregnancy was very typical and followed the normal timeline. The second pregnancy was awful. I was miserable and sick the entire time. The third pregnancy was easy peasy and I finally understood why some women liked being pregnant."


    Tiffany from "Insecure" rubbing her baby bump

    10. "You stop being able to sleep way before the baby gets here."

    "Everyone loves to tell me to 'sleep now while I can' but pregnancy leads to unexplained insomnia and I’m a total wreck already."


    11. "Your body does not magically go back to normal once the baby is out. You have weeks of healing."

    "You either had your vagina rip or your stomach cut open, your boobs are still on baby mode, and you have a whole new set of problems now. Pooping will be terrifying and depression risks are higher."


    Jane from "Jane the Virgin" trying to get out of bed after giving birth
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    12. "During labor, the 'water breaking' is not one rush of liquid. It’s continuous and can occur for several hours."

    "It’s horrendous and messy. It feels like peeing but you have zero control over anything and if you tense up then everything is much more painful and weird feeling."


    13. "Your hormones are wild, literally making anything and everything that happens to your body a pregnancy symptom. Bloody nose? Pregnancy. Hands dry? Pregnancy. Itchy skin? Pregnancy."


    Elizabeth Banks in "What to Expect When You're Expecting"

    14. "My fucking boobs hurt so bad. I hit one in my sleep and woke up in excruciating pain. I knew they would get bigger, but the pain was a surprise."


    15. "That morning sickness isn't in the morning and that I would be puking the whole time, not just in the beginning."


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    16. "How hard it can be to get and stay pregnant. Everyone imagines it will happen easily and quickly and, unfortunately, it's not the case for so many women.

    "And for women who've dealt with infertility or loss, how much anxiety you'll have throughout the pregnancy."


    17. "For some people, labor doesn't start with water breaking and 30 minutes later there's a baby. My water broke and 29 hours later the baby decided to show up."


    Amy from "The Secret Life of the American Teenager" 9 months pregnant sitting on a couch in the hospital

    18. And, "Pregnancy brain is REAL. It's not a joke. It's not exaggerated."

    "When you start forgetting, misplacing, and outright losing things, you can start feeling like you're also losing your mind."


    What are some other things about pregnancy you wish you knew beforehand? Let us know in the comments!