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    People Are Sharing The Extremely Popular Things That Suddenly Fell Off, And I Can't Believe I Forgot About So Many Of These

    I haven't seen a selfie stick in years...

    Recently, Reddit user u/KaiserMazoku asked, "What was something hugely popular that suddenly fell off the face of the earth?"

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    The replies made me remember a looooot of things I forgot were a thing. Here are the best ones:

    1. "3D TVs. At CES (the annual Consumer Technology Association trade show) one year, they were super popular, and by the following year there was barely one in sight."


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    2. "Pokémon Go. Sure, it still exists, but there was that one summer when it united the world."



    3. "As soon as Among Us came out, there were a bunch of memes for two weeks, and then everyone just kinda forgot about it."


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    4. "The whole Girls Gone Wild fad and all the videos about it on TV."


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    5. "Ponchos. It felt like every girl was wearing them in the 2000s, and I've never seen one since."



    6. "I remember Monster High dolls were very popular in the mid-2010s. I owned so many dolls and watched all the movies (there were so many). Once I outgrew them, I barely ever heard from them again or see kids playing with them today."



    7. "Juicy Couture velour sweatsuits with the writing across the ass used to be super popular."


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    8. "Snuggies. They were an underrated comfort cape."


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    9. "Trix yogurt used to be everywhere, and now it's nowhere."


    General Mills

    10. "Slap-on bracelets used to be a thing."


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    11. "Guitar Hero."


    RedOctane / Activision / Aspyr

    12. "Iggy Azalea. Where’d she go? Haven’t heard from her or about her in a bit. I know she was on Wild 'N Out that time, but that’s it."


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    13. "People stopped dabbing, and I'm glad. I'm 'old' and thought it was kinda dumb from the start, but then it lasted far, far longer than it should have or than I expected. Thank goodness the collective finally decided it was over, and it disappeared virtually overnight. Actually, it's kind of impressive how fast it went away."


    14. "I would say The Walking Dead. It was incredibly popular, and then people just stopped talking about it around Season 8."



    15. "You rarely see selfie sticks around these days, thankfully."


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    16. "The Avatar film! It was hailed as this amazing, super-popular, highest-grossing, 'bigger than Titanic' film ever, and after a bit of ruckus, everyone stopped talking about it. I don't think I’ve heard anyone mention it in years."


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    17. "Hoverboards. I feel like that sounds weird, but I never see them in stores or even online, and it feels like they just disappeared one day."


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    18. And this: "Dubstep became super mainstream in like 2011 at some point and then went back to hell."



    Note: Some comments have been edited for length and/or clarity. 

    What are some other things that were hugely popular and have now been completely forgotten about? Let us know in the comments.