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    23 Theories About "The Society" That Will Make You Say "Wait, WTF?"

    I have no idea what I'm supposed to believe.

    So I recently binge-watched The Society, a new dystopian teen drama on Netflix, and got hooked. Since then, I’ve spent countless hours on the interwebs going down theory rabbit holes to make sense of the show. Honestly, they're making me overthink everything, and I need some answers!

    So here are some theories about The Society that will make you question everything.

    WARNING: There are MAJOR spoilers for Season 1 ahead!

    1. The kids are being replaced in West Ham.

    2. The whole thing is a government experiment.

    3. The kids traveled to the future.

    4. The kids are actually dead and in purgatory.

    5. The kids are actually in the past.

    6. The kids are in a simulation.

    7. The kids are on a different planet.

    8. The smell in West Ham is from dead bodies.

    9. The smell in West Ham might be the kids' dead bodies from the parallel universe.

    10. They're in a parallel universe.

    11. The dog can go back and forth between the parallel universes.

    12. The dog is actually Pfeiffer.

    13. The kids are being held hostage by Pfeiffer.

    14. Pfeiffer killed Cassandra.

    15. One of the adults from West Ham killed Cassandra.

    16. Campbell killed Cassandra.

    17. Allie killed Cassandra.

    18. Campbell is the father of Becca's baby.

    19. Sam's dad is the father of Becca's baby.

    20. Time passes slower in New Ham than in West Ham.

    21. If you die in New Ham, you come back alive in West Ham.

    22. The parents think the kids are missing, not dead.

    23. Allie is a psychopath too.

    Theories have been edited for length and clarity.

    Do you have any theories about The Society? If so, tell us in the comments below!

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