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    27 Texts From People's Exes That Gave Me A Good Laugh

    Romance is indeed dead.

    If you've ever been in a relationship, there's a 99.9% chance you received some unexpected and unwanted messages from your ex. A lot of the times, these messages can be pretty ridiculous.

    Luckily, there's an Instagram account — TextsFromYourEx — that's collected some of the funniest text messages between exes and tbh, they're funny as hell.

    1. The perfect response.

    2. It's hard to cut off an ex AND their family too.

    3. Well, DAMN.

    4. Sometimes it's okay for your ex to keep your stuff.

    5. Losing Netflix is just as heartbreaking as losing an ex.

    6. When you text your ex but their number is disconnected.

    7. This person definitely regrets messaging their ex.

    8. At least this ex was upfront.

    9. Literally the definition of wrong place, wrong time.

    10. Sometimes you got to get rid of stuff that reminds you of your ex.

    11. I just want to know why they sent this.

    12. Probably the best way to tell your ex to move on.

    13. Are they really your ex if they don't drunk text you?

    14. I know this is not the reply they expected.

    15. Where can I buy a clock like this?

    16. When you send an ex a ~risque~ photo.

    17. I just wanna know who this was actually meant for.

    18. This whole exchange is just golden.

    19. When you have to tell your ex that you guys aren't endgame.

    20. Amazing character growth!

    21. A picture really does say it all.

    22. It's so thoughtful when an ex remembers relationship milestones. 💖

    23. Enough said.

    24. When you can totally see through an ex's BS.

    25. Throw the whole ex away.

    26. The...audacity.

    27. And lastly, not even blocking their number will stop an ex.

    For more funny texts messages between exes, check out TextsFromYourEx on Instagram.