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16 Men Who Should've Stopped Before They Even Started

Disappointed but not surprised.

1. This man who was wondering why his feelings weren't reciprocated:

2. This man who thought he was slick:

3. This man who was lacking some common sense:

4. This man who thought he had an advanced vocabulary:

5. This man who really couldn't take a joke:

6. This man who "accidentally" sent a message to the wrong person:

7. This man who didn't do his job and then asked out his customer:

8. This man who tried to shoot his shot with multiple people at once:

A man's group text to 30 people that says "girl you're so beautiful" and then him saying "wow, the messages ain't send separately, bye"

9. This man who was trying to break up a couple:

10. This man who used a terrible pickup line:

11. This man who aggressively stanned Elon Musk:

12. This man who wasn't interested in real-life women:

13. This man who made a group chat with his crush and her S.O.:

14. This man who had a serious victim complex:

15. This man who wanted feedback on his junk:

16. And this man who told another guy to watch his back:

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