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What's A Clever Costume Detail You Noticed On A TV Show?

Fashion is key.

Oftentimes on TV shows, there are little details in a character's wardrobe that are actually really clever and thought out.

The CW

Maybe you were watching Schitt's Creek, and saw Twyla was wearing one of Alexis's dresses at David and Patrick's wedding, which was reference to when Alexis gave Twyla a bag of her clothes.

Pop / CBC

Or maybe you noticed in Euphoria that Jules started off wearing a lot of candy colors and skirts before slowly wearing darker, less femme clothing because she became more in tune with her own identity instead of dressing for men.


Or perhaps you were a fan of Scandal and noticed that Olivia started wearing colorful clothing after she left Fitz in Season 5 because she was trying to remake herself.


Or maybe on Stranger Things you realized that Will's Ghostbusters costume looked most different from the others because his mom probably made it from scratch.


Tell us a wardrobe detail you noticed in a TV show and WHY it's clever. You could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!