17 Leaked Screenshots Of Professors And Teachers Who Didn't Even Try To Be Understanding

    A teacher allowed their students to go to the bathroom no more than THREE times a month.

    1. This professor who sent this incredibly shady email:

    2. This professor who took points off because an assignment was submitted just minutes before the deadline:

    3. This professor who didn't believe a student finished an assignment so fast, so they gave them a zero:

    4. This professor who completely disregarded a student's grief:

    5. This professor who sent an angry email to the class only to find out they had made a mistake:

    6. This professor who told students to come to class despite the university canceling classes due to a freezing rainstorm.

    7. This professor who didn't accept having COVID as an excuse for missing class:

    8. This professor who didn't give students until midnight to submit their assignments:

    9. This professor who didn't believe in writing emails, which caused commuter students to come all the way to school to learn class was canceled:

    10. This professor who gave a student a zero for NOT STAPLING their essay:

    The teacher’s note says, “Grade: 0. Turned in unstapled. (Don’t worry. You are still able to pass the class.)”

    11. This teacher who took off points because the date wasn't formatted correctly:

    12. This teacher who actually banned yawning:

    13. This teacher who took off points because a student used their real name:

    14. This teacher who was confidently incorrect about the English language:

    15. This teacher who allowed students to go to the bathroom no more than three times a month :

    16. This teacher who put an unfair "trick" question on a test:

    17. And lastly, this teacher who lost a student's final and punished them: