37 Amazing Keto Food Items You Can Buy At Target

    Another reason to stan Target.

    1. A bag of Birch Benders keto pancake mix that's great to start off any morning.

    2. Applewood smoked salmon fillets with mustard sauce.

    3. Some delicious shrimp scampi you won't be able to put down.

    4. Rolls and rolls of mozzarella and ham to serve as an app at your next dinner party.

    5. A wheel of brie cheese that already has your mouth watering.

    6. A bag of addictingly delicious baked cheddar cheese crisps.

    7. Creamy spinach artichoke feta dip to go with those cheddar cheese crisps.

    8. Guacamole dip, which goes with almost anything, tbh.

    9. Frozen avocados which are perfect for making smoothies, salads, or froyo.

    10. A jar of mixed nuts that will cover all your snack time needs.

    11. Bacon crumbles that are just begging to be sprinkled over an omelet.

    12. Cauliflower rice that would taste great with some garlic, black pepper, and white onions.

    13. Mashed cauliflower to fill the void of mashed potatoes.

    14. A bag of Lit'l Smokies that'll be your new fave bite-size snack.

    15. Jimmy Dean pork sausage patties that are ready to eat in less than five minutes.

    16. Some barbecue pulled pork that will take any salad or sandwich to the next level.

    17. Grilled chicken strips that are waiting to be glazed in teriyaki sauce.

    18. A bottle of avocado cooking oil that will never let you down.

    19. A bag of some irresistibly yummy Moon Cheese.

    20. Good ol' fashioned peanut butter.

    21. Organic bone broth that'll come to the rescue when you're feeling under the weather.

    22. A ~juicy~ Angus sirloin steak.

    23. Steakhouse seasoned beef patties that will be a hit at your next summer barbecue.

    24. Kerrygold pure Irish butter will be your new secret weapon in the kitchen.

    25. Hard-boiled eggs that are already peeled to save you the struggle.

    26. https://www.target.com/p/golden-flake-curly-q-s-fried-pork-skins-3-5oz/-/A-52128542">Pork strips you'll be munching on 24/7.

    27. Some appetizing buffalo wings that'd be a fantastic dish to bring to any potluck.

    28. A container of classic Philadelphia cream cheese.

    29. Grain-free, low-carb granola to add some crunch to your Greek yogurt.

    30. Some extremely savory bacon-wrapped scallops.

    31. Dry roasted sunflower seeds that you'll inhale like a vacuum.

    32. Fully cooked turkey meatballs will certainly not disappoint.

    33. Rao's homemade, low-carb marinara sauce to drown those meatballs in.

    34. Garden Lites kale and quinoa superfood veggie cakes, which are both appetizing and healthy.

    35. These cute Del Monte fruit cups.

    36. Atkins mocha latte protein shakes perfect for any coffee lover.

    37. Campbell's Well Yes! Italian vegetables and farro soup that's great for those lazy Netflix nights in.

    Let us know what your favorite keto foods from Target are in the comments!