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    20 Screenshots Of Wild Things Moms Posted In Online Mom Groups That Make Me Scared For The Next Generation

    One mom wanted to know if it was okay that she made her child eat on the staircase.

    1. This mom who had a wild take about homework:

    homework is grooming, they're grooming children to become the type of employee who brings their work home with them and has no personal boundaries

    2. This mom who wouldn't let her child eat at the table:

    mom asking if she's an asshole for making her daughter eat and sleep on the floor

    3. This mom who asked for tips on how to carry her child and a firearm at the same time:

    people in the comments telling her not to a have firearm anywhere near her baby

    4. This mom who asked Facebook for advice on her premature baby instead of a doctor:

    mom asking the group how much her premie baby should be eating because she doesn't trust doctors

    5. This mom who asked if she could bring her newborn to a monster truck race:

    the question posed on social media

    6. This mom who had more children than she wanted...and blamed her daughter for it somehow:

    22 year old daughter doesn't want to have kids so the mom is blaming her since she now feels like she needs to keep having babies since her daughter won't

    7. This mom who went to Facebook to get advice about an appendix bursting instead of listening to the doctor:

    mom saying the emergency room is going to call CPS on her because she refuses to have her daughter's appendix removed

    8. This mom who counted their four-year-old's age in months:

    "is it weird to still be nursing my 54 month old?"

    9. This pregnant mom who decided it would be easier to not quit smoking:

    pregnant woman saying someone kept looking at her for smoking while pregnant but she always smokes whenever she's pregnant instead of stressing her body out by quiting

    10. This mom who was reclaiming the word "tragedy:"

    mom saying that the word tragedy has been used negatively so her daughter will now have that name to reclaim it

    11. This anti-vax mom who was mad that her in-laws gave her child a COVID test:

    mom mad that her kid got tested at her brother's house after she sent her son to play at their house knowing he was sick
    picture of the positive covid test her son took along with a message that her and her family will not be quarantining

    12. This mom who was being so hypocritical and didn't realize it:

    mom bringing her 7month old to a girls trip but doesn't want her friend to bring her 2 year old because that would defeat the purpose of a girl's trip

    13. This mom who didn't like that her son drank out of her husband's mug:

    wife freaking out that her husband let's the kids drink out of the mug that she bought him that reads this guy is an awesome husband

    14. This mother-in-law who felt her kid was exaggerating their own child's peanut allergy:

    mom saying her mother in law wanted to give her grandchild a ritz peanut butter cracker to make sure they weren't exaggerating her allergy

    15. This mom who didn’t like that she had to pay for food for her partner’s child:

    mom not wanting to feed her step child

    16. This mom who wanted her child's name to be a tribute to her marriage:

    mom wanting to name her child Tinderleigh to commemorate her and her husband meeting on Tinder

    17. This mom who sought out advice on how to fake vaccination records for her kids:

    mom asking how to fake a vaccine card so her child can go to an away camp

    18. This mom who wanted to cut off their child's health insurance as soon as they turned 18:

    mom asking if it's ok to cut their child off from their health insurance since they are 18 and not living with them

    19. This mom who planned on getting her child circumcised behind her husband's back:

    mom asking how to convince her husband to let their son get circumcised but she'll do it regardless

    20. And this mom who expected teachers to wipe her child's butt after they used the bathroom:

    mom asking if it's normal that a teacher doesn't help with wiping butts because her child is 4 and is still learning