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    "Sex Education" Season 3 Left Me With A Bunch Of Questions That I Need Answered ASAP

    I need to see Jakob's paternity test, like, yesterday.

    Season 3 of Sex Education is now streaming on Netflix, and boy, what an eventful season it was! This season focused on how Moordale Secondary School was changing under the incredibly strict new headteacher, Hope Haddon.

    Hope speaking at an assembly

    If you're like me, this season left you with a TON of questions. Here are the ones that I need answered pronto:

    🚨Warning: Obvi, spoilers ahead! 🚨

    1. First and foremost, who is the father of Jean's baby?????

    Jean looking shocked at paternity test results

    2. Are Jakob and Jean going to stay together?

    Jean and Jakob at couples therapy

    3. Where are the students going to go to school now that Moordale Secondary School has been sold?

    Someone telling the student they have no choice but to sell Moordale high to developers

    4. Are Maeve and Otis *actually* going to pick up where they left off when she returns from the US?

    Maeve telling Otis they'll see where they're at when she's back from the US

    5. Will Ruby and Otis get back together while Maeve is away?

    Otis and Ruby on double date with Eric and Adam

    6. Are Adam and Rahim gonna become besties (or more)?

    Adam asking Rahim if he could read the poem he wrote for Eric

    7. Who is Eugene, Vivienne's mysterious boyfriend, and how did they meet?

    Vivvienne texting her boyfriend and then walking on the school campus with him

    8. Is Hope gone for good?

    Otis and Hope talking in the hospital waiting room

    9. Will Cal reveal how Hope locked them in a closet and is anti-trans?

    Hope locking Cal in a closet for not wearing a "properly fitted" uniform

    10. Is the recording Vivienne took of Hope ever going to come up again?

    Hope telling Viv that her generation needs to realize they're not that special

    11. How the hell did Hope get away with putting signs of shame on students without any parental backlash?

    Lily putting a sign around her neck that says "I wrote dirty words that brought shame on my peers"

    12. Will Mr. Groff and Maureen get back together?

    Mr. Groff and Maureen making out and him getting a text from her saying it was a mistake

    13. Will Mr. Groff ever mend his relationship with Adam?

    Adam looking at his dad through his window

    14. How did that teacher think it was acceptable for a high school choir to sing "Fuck the Pain Away"?

    The Moordale student choir singing "Fuck the pain away"

    15. Why did Eric think it was a good idea to get into a car with someone he just met in a country he doesn't live in?

    Eric riding in the back of a car with Oba

    16. How did Vivienne think she was gonna get away with lying to Hope about the trip?

    Vivienne texting Hope that everything on the school trip is going great

    17. And are the Moordale students ever going to reveal how FUCKED up Hope was to them?

    Jackson speaking at Open Day, Cal giving Hope the middle finger at Open Day, and Hope pulling Ruby's hair at Open Day

    What are some other questions you have after watching Season 3 of Sex Education? What are some of your theories for Season 4? Let us know in the comments!