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12 Times Samantha From "Sex And The City" Should've Just Ended Her Friendships With Carrie, Miranda, And Charlotte On The Spot

Samantha put up with so much crap, especially from Charlotte.

It's more than clear that And Just Like That... (the Sex and the City reboot) is going to keep bringing up Samantha in an attempt to have Kim Cattrall return to the show in the future.

Carrie texting Samantha, "I miss you"

In the reboot, Samantha's absence is explained by saying she fell out with Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte and then moved to London. Carrie says Samantha was hurt when she fired her as a publicist, which is what led to them falling out.

Carrie telling Miranda that Samantha stopped talking to her after Carrie let her go as a publicist

And this explanation is not in character for Samantha AT ALL. She would never end a friendship over something like that, and she was probably the most loyal, selfless, and nonjudgmental friend out of the four.

And the story of her absence in the reboot kinda paints Samantha as a bad, petty friend when in reality, Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte were actually the ones who were awful friends to Samantha. And here's the evidence:

1. When Charlotte slut-shamed Samantha for sleeping with her brother.

Charlotte slut shaming Samantha for sleeping with her brother

2. When Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda made offensive comments about Samantha dating a woman.

Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte making comments invalidating Samantha's relationship and queerness

Watch the full scene here:

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3. And when Samantha told them about her relationship and they made more invalidating comments and reacted with annoyance.

Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte invalidating Samantha's relationship over brunch

4. When Charlotte took out her frustrations about her own sex life by slut-shaming Samantha again.

Charlotte asking Samantha "When will you learn you can't sleep with everything that comes along?"

5. And then how Carrie and Miranda didn't defend or support Samantha when she was slut-shamed by Charlotte.

Watch the full scene here:

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6. When Carrie judged Samantha after accidentally walking in on her giving a blowjob to a delivery guy in her own office.

Carrie saying she would never do what Samantha did with the UPS guy

Watch the full scene here:

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7. And then when they all made judgemental comments and jokes about Samantha blowing the delivery guy.

Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda making jokes to Samantha about her blowing the delivery guy

8. When Carrie pressured Samantha to come to her book launch party after her chemical peel went wrong.

Carrie pressuring Samantha to come to her book launch party after Samantha said she doesn't look good after her cosmetic work

9. And then when Carrie shamed how Samantha's face looked and demanded she keep it covered for her party.

Carrie telling Samantha she has to wear a veil to cover her botched chemical peel because she looks so bad

Watch the full scenes here:

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10. When Samantha said she loved the way she looked, and Miranda replied with a shady comment.

Samantha saying she loves the way she looks and Miranda saying "You should, you paid enough for it."

11. When Samantha was feeling down at a party because a bunch of her past sexual partners were there, and Carrie made an insensitive comment.

Carrie saying they should start tagging the married men Samantha sleeps with

12. And lastly, when they body-shamed her after she gained weight.

Charlotte, Miranda, and Carrie all having huge facial reactions when they see Samantha's stomach poking out of her shirt

What are other times where Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte were awful friends to Samantha? Let us know in the comments!