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    17 Students (And Even Teachers) Who Messed Up On A Test Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way Worse Than You Could've

    Hopefully they'll be graded on a curve.

    1. This student tried to meet the one-page requirement for his essay by spacing out the words, but it backfired:

    Teacher wrote a message to the student in red ink in the word spaces they left in their essay to let them know they can't do this and expect full credit, and ended it with a smiley face

    2. This student was soooooo close on their geography quiz:

    Kid reversed North and South Dakota on a fill-in US map

    3. This math test that had some poorly abbreviated word choices:

    "Cumulative time" abbreviated as "Cum time" in an illustration showing two happy people

    4. This student completed their test using an invisible-ink pen:

    Teacher told them not to do it again but gave them a 100, A+ anyway

    5. This student failed their assignment for plagiarizing themself:

    Their essay got a zero because the teacher saw the same essay that student posted on the internet

    6. This student interpreted this test question differently from how it was intended:

    Student answered the question "If a2 / b2 is the answer, what is the question?" with "Please write a2 / b2"

    7. This student wrote an essay using too many words from the thesaurus:

    "Irrevocable Isotherms stipulate that amyloid fibrils enthrall multitudinous indissoluble residue capable of energetically compulsive arsenic ions"

    8. This student corrected the teacher and was so wrong:

    Student said "Wednesday" is not how you spell the word and wrote in "Wendsday"

    9. This...peculiar science test:

    In a fourth-grade science test, labeling statements like "The earth is billions of years old" and "Dinosaurs lived millions of years ago" "false," and answering "sixth" to "On what day did God make dinosaurs," earned the student a 100%

    10. This student didn't know the answer, so they wrote The Communist Manifesto instead:

    Handwritten excerpt from the manifesto, starting with "A spectre is haunting Europe — the spectre of communism"

    11. This teacher messed up making an online test:

    Question 38 is "What is a microphone?" and the choices are True or False

    12. This student answered this science test question with a joke:

    Question: Dating fossils by using radioisotopes is called absolute dating; what is another method of dating fossil called?" Answer: Necrophilia?

    13. This student received unexpected notes from their teacher when they got their test back:

    Student wrote "#YOLO" in response to "f(x) + g(x)," and teacher wrote "#minimumwage #future #McDonalds"

    14. This online test required extremely specific answers:

    In a fill-in text, "Arthalgia is pain in the JOINTS" is marked incorrect because "the correct answer is JOINT," and "Enteritis is inflammation of the INTESTINE" is marked incorrect because "the correct answer is INTESTINES"

    15. This student got such a nearly perfect score on their quiz that it's infuriating:

    Student gets score of 99 point 9967/100

    16. This student made a major spelling mistake on their test:

    Student wrote "Water helps wash out or die loot things in your stomach"

    17. And this student lost points for marking the CORRECT answers with a backward checkmark:

    Teacher says it's the "wrong symbol" and marks those responses with an x