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    "Scandal" Premiered In 2012, And Here's What The Cast Looks Like Now

    Ah, now that was history.

    This month marks eight whole years since the thrilling political drama series Scandal premiered on television!

    I know, I know, it doesn't seem so long since we were watching a new episode each week while tweeting #TeamFitz or #TeamJake.

    So here's a look at what the cast of the legendary series looks like now:

    1. Kerry Washington in 2012.

    Kerry Washington in 2020.

    2. Tony Goldwyn in 2012.

    Tony Goldwyn in 2019.

    3. Scott Foley in 2012.

    Scott Foley in 2020.

    4. Bellamy Young in 2012.

    Bellamy Young in 2020.

    5. Guillermo Díaz in 2012.

    Guillermo Díaz in 2020.

    6. Jeff Perry in 2012.

    Jeff Perry in 2019.

    7. Darby Stanchfield in 2012.

    Darby Stanchfield in 2020.

    8. Katie Lowes in 2012.

    Katie Lowes in 2019.

    9. Henry Ian Cusick in 2012.

    Henry Ian Cusick in 2019.

    10. Joshua Malina in 2012.

    Joshua Malina in 2018.

    11. Dan Bucatinsky in 2012.

    Dan Bucatinsky in 2020.