People Are Revealing The Petty Revenge They Got On Their Bad Bosses, And I Can't Believe What I Just Read

    "My ex-boss ended up charged with grand theft, an $85,000.00 fine, and prison time.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us all about the petty revenge they got on their horrible bosses. Here are some of their most sinister schemes:

    1. "I worked at a shoe store in the mall as an assistant manager. My boss at the time was verbally abusive and I got a call from another place saying I got the job there, so I called my boss to tell him I quit. He hung up on me. I proceeded to swap all the displays and make sure it was not only in the wrong place but backward. I locked the gate and threw my keys back in."


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    2. "I got revenge on my boss by making a bunch of accounts on TripAdvisor and leaving a bunch of bad reviews until their ratings went WAY down. No regrets."


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    3. "My evil boss had three or four houseplants in her office, all in various stages of neglect. I routinely came into the office before everyone else, so it was easy to take the hydrochloric acid solution in my lab and squirt just a little bit of it in the soil of her plants every few days. After a couple of months, they were withered yellow and unequivocally dead. She wondered aloud why all of them died at once, and I felt unmitigated delight. She replaced them with two new plants. I'm not sorry to say I killed them both as well."


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    4. "I worked in a nail salon during my last year of college because I was close to the step-kids of the owner. She pushed me into working there and told me how great it would be and how much money I'd make. The owner would pit employees against each other and look down on them if they took days off or worked less than a 10-hour day. She was constantly belittling employees and making them cry and talking crap about customers behind their backs, the list goes on. One person quit and posted pictures on Facebook about how dirty the salon truly was. The pictures showed them reusing paraffin wax for pedicures to save money, not actually cleaning tools between appointments, and putting them into sterile packaging anyway."

    "The owner was puking her guts out with fear that she'd lose her business. Just watching her go through that was sweet. I always thought about reporting the business I left but I think of the poor, immigrant women employed there just trying to support their kids with 7-day work weeks and I decided not to. I hope she learned something though."


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    5. "Years ago, I worked at a local college in the maintenance dept. I would see a lot of things going on that I never really gave much thought to it. The immediate supervisor was always bossing people around and trying to intimidate them. I guess he didn't like the fact I was not scared of him. One day I got called into the office and was told I was being fired. He was there along with a group of other supervisors that were above him. He couldn't look me in the eyes let alone look at me. So I left without making a scene or saying anything. A few months later I was contacted by a special investigation officer."

    "He told me who he was and said he was investigating a theft that had been going on for a while. He asked if I knew anything that might help them. I asked who they were investigating and he said the supervisor's name. I quickly got a smile as big as the Grand Canyon. Long story short, I told him everything I saw him take from the college. I was there for four hours giving information about what I saw and overheard. He ended up charged with grand theft, an $85,000.00 fine, and prison time. I was happy to see Karma do its job."


    6. "In the late '90s I worked at a Denny's. My coworkers and I had a horrible Assistant Manager. When we knew it was his shift, and we weren't working, we'd call in to-go orders of the hardest stuff to cook and then never pick it up. He'd then have to help out in the kitchen to cook it, and then write off the food."


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    7. "I got revenge twice. On both occasions, the bosses were horribly abusive, would shout at their employees, and be rude even to the customers, so I secretly wrote corporate describing the environment those two bosses were causing (it was in two different companies) and both were quickly removed from the company."


    8. "I worked very briefly for a game developer as a content creator. The whole team, including our boss, was blind, so we strove to make games that were accessible to everyone. Our boss was a trash leader. He routinely berated every department, with the exception of the music department, which was run by his brown-nosing best friend. One day, my boss told the other department leaders that he missed having a smaller team. Wish granted. My entire department quit that day."


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    9. "I singlehandedly took down their business Google ratings from a 4 to a 1.5!"


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    10. "My toxic ex-boss got fired and applied for a job at my current company where I was the one recruiting. I got colleagues to do an interview with him but made sure I 'bumped into' him in reception. He didn't get the job."


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    11. "During my pregnancy, I threw up constantly which made my blood sugar and blood pressure drop. I got approved for intermittent FMLA (Family and Medical Leave), but my boss refused to work with me. So I did what I needed to get approved for reduced schedule FMLA. She still refused to work with me. So I took my full FMLA at 36 weeks pregnant with the intent of never returning to work for her again. She had to hold my position for twelve weeks knowing I wasn’t coming back and there wasn’t anything she could do. I really hope she enjoyed working short-handed. Almost as much as I enjoyed reporting her to HR and making her unable to hire anyone else for three months."


    12. "I quit, opened my own shop, and have hired two of his staff members so far. He can’t keep staff, and I’m happier than ever!"


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    13. "I worked at a cafe frequented by a bunch of rich, entitled retirees and my boss absolutely sucked up to them and made unreasonable demands on me as a result of that. One of those demands was the type of music we were allowed to play in the cafe. We only had a CD player, so no Spotify classical music playlists for me. After much deliberation, we settled on Fleetwood Mac's album Rumors as mostly acceptable--except for 'The Chain' aka 'that screamy song' aka my favorite song on the album. For months, every time we had a rush and he was too busy sucking up to all the rich old ladies instead of doing his job and helping me serve tables, I'd have 'The Chain' play on a loop! I pretended the CD was stuck."


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    14. And lastly, "My boss at my previous job was rude, entitled, lazy, and delusional. She had no idea what she was doing and somehow belittled all her employees in the meantime. There were a few of us that did the job of 2–3 people and never got the respect we deserved, so we left. This was several years ago, but after leaving I decided to put her phone number on a Craigslist ad for 'Free Goats' and put the address of a very rural part of town. I even posted pictures and provided a description of the breed. The best part was that I still had a contact at the company, so I got the update when she freaked out about how many calls she received in a 24-hour period. People were dying to get a free goat and she was contacted so frequently that it was disrupting her meetings."


    Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity. 

    If you got some sweet, sweet revenge on an awful boss of yours, tell us the story (or use this Google form if you want to be anonymous).