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19 Relationship Fails From 2019 That Are Just As Funny As They Are Unfortunate

It's been a tough year to be in love.

1. This boyfriend's editing skills:

I told my bf to edit one of my pictures for instagram and he fucking did this

2. This boyfriend's texts that failed to deliver:

what jared tried to text me vs what i actually got LMAO

3. This guy who surprised his girlfriend at work and regretted it:

I surprised my Girlfriend at work this morning. Came up behind her and kissed her on the neck She Laughed and said “Mike stop you know we’re at work” My name is Brandon

4. This tampon fail:

I asked my boyfriend to go get me some pads because I didn’t trust him to get the right tampons and he’s come back with baby wipes

5. This engagement photo mishap:

6. This couple who revealed their "hall passes":

My girlfriend said we should each pick a “hall pass”, just in case we ever met that person. I chose Kate Upton and she chose her roommate Connor

7. This husband who booked his seat in business class and his wife’s in economy:

8. The dramatic end to this middle school relationship:

9. This couple whose height difference made it impossible for them to make a decent Twitter header:

All I want in life is to take a photo where my boyfriend and I’s faces can both fit into my Twitter header 🙃

10. This couple's ridiculous argument:

I cannot believe I just had an argument with my girlfriend bc I said I wouldn’t fancy her if she didn’t have any skin

11. This storage fail:

I told my boyfriend to put my lashes in a safe place last night and he did this ..

12. This boyfriend's sense of humor:

i asked my boyfriend to bring me an ice cream sandwich, i am exhausted from the disrespect

13. This cleaning disaster:

My boyfriend tried to wipe a small mark off the wall and now we have the 4ft head of a haunted old man crying next to our bed.

14. These differing photos this couple took of each other:

15. And this vacation photo fail:

16. This guy's pancake portrait of his girlfriend:

17. This couple who wasn't on the same page:

My bf and I just accidentally texted each other at the exact same time and it would have been cute but we said very different things

18. This petty boyfriend:

My boyfriend really just sneezed sitting 5 feet away and texted me this 🙄

"Is it rude to not say bless you?"

19. And finally, this boyfriend who got caught plagiarizing a romantic message: