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40 People Whose Lives Have Just Been A Series Of Unfortunate Events

I don't understand how a car can just explode.

1. This person who found themself trapped:

2. This person who spilled some cement:

3. This poor, poor boat owner:

a boat under water

4. This person who was so ready to fall asleep but, then...:

5. This person whose morning commute was disrupted:

6. This person who took a BAD fall:

7. This truck driver who lost some inventory:

8. This person who got locked in the gym:

9. This hungry person who lost their appetite:

10. This person who was the victim of theft:

11. This person whose dog luvs them very, very much:

12. This person who should've just bought a new bike:

13. This person whose efforts went to total waste:

14. This person who found themselves in a, uh, sticky situation:

15. This employee who was FED UP:

16. This person who will never stiff someone for money again:

17. This person who dropped their medicine:

18. This parent who received a huge hospital bill:

19. This person who had an eyesore in their bathroom:

20. This person who, technically, got what they ordered:

21. This person who needed to throw the whole microwave away:

22. This person who created a sinkhole (pun intended):

23. This person whose first day at work might've been their last:

24. This person whose car insurance hopefully covered this:

25. This person who had a very messy and embarrassing incident at the airport:

26. This parent whose child tried to cook an Xbox controller:

27. This person who found a hair in their beverage:

28. This person who was fighting for their life in the bathroom:

29. This person who dropped a gallon of chocolate milk:

30. This person who probably left their customers very unhappy:

31. This person who found a SNAKE skin in their home:

32. This employee who messed up big-time:

33. This person who got in a car accident while they were carrying precious cargo:

34. This person who woke up and had the roughest of mornings:

35. This person whose dog was strong as HELL:

36. This person who fell asleep on the school bus:

37. This person whose cards got swept up in the wind: