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    I'm Actually So Embarrassed For These 21 People Who Were So Wrong And So Confident At The Same Time

    "Vegans will look you dead in the eyes and say calling flower taste like ribs."

    1. Whoever made this sign might've gotten fired:

    2. I really want to try this restaurant after reading this review:

    3. We love a Monday motivation post:

    4. I hope whoever said this was corrected:

    5. I mean, eclairs do have eggs, so I see why they made that connection:

    6. Hopefully, this child will be a better speller than their parent:

    7. Sauerkraut is already kinda hard to spell, but this person was nowhere near correct:

    8. I really hope this was actually an autocorrect mistake:

    9. This person got not just the spelling wrong, but the whole definition, too:

    10. You'll be surprised what "aunt rap runner" was actually supposed to be:

    11. I can't even understand how this typo came to be:

    12. Sally Manilla sounds like it could be a drag queen's name:

    13. I don't think I've ever tried this dessert before:

    14. How did this person think this made sense?:

    15. At least this person left an honest review:

    16. I relate to this person trying to beat the Instagram algorithm:

    17. Now this is a misspelling that they can't even try to blame on autocorrect:

    18. They had the wrong words, but they had the right message:

    19. This person was clearly not as well-versed in Mexican food as they thought:

    20. I hope this wasn't their whole tip:

    21. And lastly, this HUGE misunderstanding:

    H/T r/BoneAppleTea