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18 People Who Probably Should've Never Pressed "Send Message"

*Presses "Unsend" frantically.*

1. This person who sent these absolutely CRINGE messages:

2. This person who did not get the response they expected:

A text saying, "You're welcome, it's always the genuinely pretty girls that never wanna date me" and a reply saying, "Nothing I can do about that"

3. This person who got the worst reply to their Snapchat message:

A Snapchat message that says, "hey do you want to hangout sometime?" and under it says, "Abby took a screenshot of chat"

4. This person who sent, arguably, the worst pickup line ever:

someone cuff me so i can delete this app please im begging

5. This person who tried the classic "I'm just asking for a friend" trick:

Someone texting their crush, "My friend wants to know if you have feelings for me" and the crush replying, "No I don't. Sorry"

6. This person who probably regretted texting their ex:

i still haven’t fully recovered from this

7. This person who had a "medical issue" and should've just left it at that:

still dying at the time my driving instructor text me this the day before my test

8. The person who shared how important the new Xbox was to them:

A link to an article about a new Xbox with a text saying, "I've literally never been this excited for something in my entire life" and a reply saying "Matthew you have a wife and three kids"

9. This person who sent this, uh, "flirtatious" reply:

10. This person who set themself up for an awkward convo with their mom:

A text from someone's mom saying, "What does 'mood af" mean?," a response that goes, "Mood as fuck. Like my current mood or whatever" then the mom texting, "Why did you comment that under a video of a gorilla throwing his own shit"

11. This person who asked this question on OnlyFans:

12. This person who tried to start sexting their wife:

13. This person who asked their boyfriend for a pet:

get a boyfriend they said ? it’ll be fun???? they said????????

14. This person who should've made sure they were texting the right person:

omfg this was the biggest save OF MY LIFE

15. This person who drunk-texted their mom some helpful info:

16. This person who sent this weird theory:

A text saying, "What if 'It's Raining Men' and 'Let the Bodies Hit the Floor' are the same event from a different perspective?" and a reply saying, "What kind of drugs are you on?"

17. The person who sent this super-corny joke:

A text thread that goes: "Do you know of Post Malone?" "Yeah he's a rapper" "Do you know about Ho Malone?" "No" "It's a Christmas movie starring Macaulay Culkin"

18. And this person who didn't give their kid the most thoughtful advice:

An actual text my mother just sent me