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    21 People Who Woke Up That Morning And Immediately Wished They Had Stayed Asleep...Forever

    It's too early for any of this.

    1. This person who started the day off needing to do some home repair:

    2. This person who found themself trapped in their own home:

    3. This person who got a surprise topping on their oatmeal:

    4. This person who intended to take a shower but had to clean something else instead:

    5. This person who might have had to Uber to work that day:

    6. This person whose lab flooded:

    7. This person who was sooooooo close to clocking out, but then this happened:

    8. This person who was rushing to work and ended up being even more late:

    9. This person whose white pants clashed with their open wound:

    10. This person who was involved in a traumatizing collision during their morning commute:

    11. This person who found — er — some meat at the bottom of their coffee:

    12. This person who wasn't playing close-enough attention while making coffee:

    13. This person who didn't secure these donuts well enough:

    14. This person who got an extra ingredient in their coffee:

    15. This person who was ill prepared for their journey home:

    16. This person whose morning was just a series of unfortunate events:

    17. This person whose truck was this🤏 to tipping over:

    18. This person who made a mix-up that ruined their entire breakfast:

    19. This person who went to their kitchen and saw the unthinkable:

    20. This person who probably wished they called in sick:

    21. And finally, this person who got locked out of their car in an unexpected way:

    H/T r/Wellthatsucks.