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    15 Pictures Of Awkward Rejections That — I Kid You Not — Made Me Want To Die Of Secondhand Embarrassment

    Don't mind me, I'm just gonna bury my head in this pillow.

    1. This person who was rejected with a rhyme:

    u/___PinkGuy___ / Via

    2. This person whose pick-up line came back to bite them:

    u/pump4K / Via

    3. This person who faced a VERY public rejection:

    Just witnessed an airport arrival proposal. She did not say yes. Happy Holidays everyone

    4. This person who was successfully rejected thanks to Teamwork™️:

    Got to the subway platform just as the train doors were closing and tried to pry them open, but everyone on board banded together to push the doors closed so I couldn’t get on. When the train left without me everyone cheered

    5. This person who had a very tough day in class:

    u/Funkstramadus / Via

    6. This person whose ex made it extremely clear how they felt:

    u/i-Dave / Via

    7. This person who got a surprising note from their niece:

    u/greenbastardette / Via

    8. This person who did not get the response they expected from their Tinder match:

    u/pump4K / Via

    9. This person whose feelings were not reciprocated:

    u/mrmunaku / Via

    10. This person who was rejected with a ~colorful~ Bitmoji:

    u/JustOffensive / Via

    11. This person who probably should've read tweets more carefully:

    u/wh1ter0se-m4v / Via

    12. This person who couldn't get even a single response in a group chat:

    u/LonelySheep56 / Via

    13. This person who shot their shot and missed big time:

    Told a boy I fancied him last night and he said ‘let’s just nip that in the bud’ patted my back and walked away

    14. This person who got told off on Facebook:

    u/SketWithTheKet / Via

    15. And lastly, this person whose crush found a clever way to answer their love note:

    u/Opify / Via

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