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    19 Unbelievable Stories About Adults Who Were Unaware Of How To Do Basic Things

    I have no words.

    A while back, I made a post that shared Reddit stories about adults lacking common sense. The BuzzFeed Community had a lot of their own stories to share, so here are some of the funniest ones:

    1. "I had a roommate in college who didn't know that food purchased from the frozen aisle needed to stay in the freezer. I witnessed her pull a stack of rotting TV dinners out of the kitchen cabinet one night."


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    2. "A coworker in her thirties was shocked she got a sunburn because she was moving around all day."


    3. "My aunt is a nurse practitioner and she had to ask a woman if she was sexually active. The woman said 'No, I just lie there during sex.'"


    BBC one

    4. "My roommate in college was cooking and I watched her clean some chicken grease she spilled on the floor with a blue liquid. It was Windex. She cleaned the wood floor with Windex."


    5. "I had a 20-year-old friend in college who thought it was marginally possible to get pregnant from giving a blowjob. She thought the semen could travel to her uterus through the stomach if she swallowed."


    Rede Globo

    6. "My friend and I were Skyping after she moved into her new dorm at university. It was midday and she pulled the blinds down and had all the lights on. She was complaining about having to pay bills, and I said, ‘Well you’ve got all your lights on, of course your bills will be high.’ To which she went ‘What?’ And I had to explain lighting costs money. She was beyond shocked and turned all her lights off afterward."


    7. "My ex told me he always had an upset stomach. He never washed his hands while cooking and handling raw meat and ate things months past their expiration date."


    8. "I was making mashed potatoes for the first time. I peeled them, put them in boiling water for 15 minutes, and they were done. I started mashing them, but they were so hard that they wouldn't. I didn't realize it helps to cut them up as well."


    9. "My brother called to ask me how long to boil a hot dog, as he was making dinner for my grandmother that he lived with and 'wanted to do something nice.' He was 23."



    10. "Apartment management had to send out a letter to the entire complex on how to write a check. Two things that stuck out were 'Don’t use markers, crayons, or pencils. Black or blue ink only' and 'Make the check out to [apartment company], not yourself."


    11. "When I was an RA in the dorms, I had a resident come up to me and say there was something wrong with two of the washers. I went with her to look at it and she informed me that the washers started making a lot of noise and when she went over to check, it was filling with water. So she turned it off and threw her clothes in the dryer. This woman thought the WASHING machine was broken because it was filling with water."



    12. "A girl I went to high school with was so sure that women with wider hips already had sex because her mom taught her that when you have sex, your hips widen. I have wide hips, so she thought I had sex already. I had to explain to her that wasn’t the case, but she didn’t listen."

    Sara Fouts

    13. "I had to pee shortly after putting a tampon in. My boyfriend came to the bathroom door and said, 'I thought you said you just put a tampon in,' to which I said 'I did' and he said, 'Then how are you peeing if you have a tampon in your vagina?' I'm 25 and my boyfriend turns 29 this year."



    14. "My college roommate put Dawn dish soap in the dishwasher once. She had never used a dishwasher before and didn't know what to use. There were suds everywhere."


    15. "I was talking to my neighbor about cold brew coffee and she was like 'Yeah, I love making cold brew. I make a pot of coffee and then stick it in the fridge for the rest of the week.' That’s not how that works."



    16. "A woman who was hired in my department did not know how to copy and paste in Microsoft Word."


    17. "One time, my 60-year-old coworker told me I needed to cut the last two inches off a cucumber because it’s poisonous. Apparently, her grandmother told her that."



    18. "When I was in culinary school, I took an oenology (the study of wines and winemaking) class with a guy who thought grapes grew on trees. Bear in mind, this was a junior year class so he already had an associate’s degree at the time."


    19. And "I had a young coworker insist that Chick-fil-A fried their chicken in cocoa butter (the lotion)."


    Now I want to know what's the most clueless thing you witnessed a college student say or do. Let us know in the comments!