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18 People Who Got Messages They Were Just Not Ready To Receive

Even I'm speechless.

1. This person who told their friend to have fun on a trip:

Twitter: @pholicity

2. This person who found out some extremely, important information:

Twitter: @nonxdinx__

3. This person who was following up with a recent house guest:

Twitter: @RVineshank

4. This person who was trying to ~set the mood~ for later:

Twitter: @blueboredom

5. This person who got their hopes up for a date:

6. This person who was talking to someone who completely misunderstood what they were saying:

Twitter: @solondzy

7. This person who asked a question and got a very honest reply:

Twitter: @YoungBenji_

8. This person who just wanted to thank the Grubhub driver:

9. This person who kept getting trolled by their S.O. in a serious moment:

Twitter: @sandavidcito

10. This person who was trying to learn more about a person:

Twitter: @shutupjenifer

11. This person who had to decipher this text:

Twitter: @1amezz

12. This person whose dealer was going through some self-searching:

Twitter: @uItraben

13. This person who was checking in on their dad:

I texted my dad to see which vaccine he got and this was his response.....

Twitter: @KeepItOnTheDELO

14. This person who was trying to keep the conversation light:

Twitter: @manhimselfx

15. This person who got this weird-ass riddle:

Twitter: @Californicatin

16. This person who got a cryptic response form their mom:

my mom and I text like twice a month and this is usually how it goes

Twitter: @coochieflop

17. This person whose mom was OVER IT:

Twitter: @daItoncsmith

18. And this person who had to make a run to the art store: