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    People Are Sharing The Unbelievably Dumb Things They've Heard Other People Say Out Loud, And I'm Concerned

    "A girl in my class thought our lungs were in our neck."

    A while ago, I made a post that shared the dumbest things people on Reddit had heard other people say. This led to people in the comments of the BuzzFeed post sharing the dumbest things they've heard as well.

    Here are some of the dumbest and funniest responses:

    1. "I scheduled a patient for an appointment on the 16th and he went, 'Was it for the 16th or the 60th?'"


    2. "My college roommate asked me if a woman could get pregnant from swallowing."


    3. "Upon driving past a Wells Fargo bank, my husband's ex said, 'That looks like a good place to eat.'”


    4. "When I was in high school, a girl asked me how many calories were in water."


    5. "In a class at a university, a girl did a presentation on Benjamin Franklin in which she stated, totally seriously and confidently, that he had been president of the United States."


    6. "My college roommate asked me, 'Do you believe in bed bugs?' When I responded with 'Yes, because they’re real?' she was SHOOK."


    7. "My college roommate asked 'If the Olympics are worldwide, why are they always in America?' When I asked what she was talking about, she said, 'Everyone there speaks English, so it must mean it’s held in America.' She had no idea each country had their own broadcasters."


    8. "I told my coworker that my purse was made of vegan leather. Her response was 'How do they know what the cows ate?'"


    9. "A buddy of my husband’s once spilled a little bit of plain water on a carpet. He went 'Oh no! Is it gonna stain?!'”


    10. "A cousin once said 'We should go to Australia and then New Zealand. In Europe, everything is near each other.' I laughed my ass out. I can’t believe she studied tourism and hospitality."


    11. "When talking about how schools have different break times around Thanksgiving, my coworker stopped and said, 'Yeah, but I think Thanksgiving was on a Tuesday last year.'"


    12. "I work with food, and one of the dumbest questions I’ve gotten was 'What kind of cheese is in the mozzarella sticks?'”


    13. "A girl in my senior year history class asked where the Boston Massacre took place."


    14. "When I was in middle school, one girl in my class really thought our lungs were in our necks."


    15. "I was once asked, 'What is Obama's last name?'"


    16. "I had a friend all throughout high school who insisted for years that shrimp are baby lobsters."


    17. "Someone also tried to argue with me that twins come out at the same time...I'm literally a twin."


    18. "A friend of mine who barely graduated from high school went to college and decided to take a very challenging astronomy course because 'she wanted to know the future.'"


    19. "In eighth grade, we were learning about the Holocaust. As we were watching the 1959 movie The Diary of Anne Frank, this one girl whispered to the teacher, 'Is that the real Anne Frank?'”


    20. "We live near a Catholic church, and my sister once told me that the Pope had gotten in her way while she was driving in front of the church. She meant to say the priest, but she actually thought that he could be named Pope."


    21. "My coworker thought New Hampshire was the capital of Connecticut."


    22. "A girl in high school said that rice was just noodles chopped up."


    23. "I once had a senior team member argue with me that Hawaii was not one of the 50 United States, but that it was a US territory like Guam or the US Virgin Islands. This was in 2012, mind you. That same woman was later promoted to be a supervisor."


    24. And "Once, when my brother was about 12, we were watching The Wizard of Oz. When Dorothy opened her door and the screen turned from black-and-white Kansas to technicolor Oz, he turned to us and said, 'The world must have been boring when it was all black and white.'"


    What's the dumbest thing you've ever heard someone say? Let us know in the comments!

    Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.