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    18 People Who Woke Up That Day And Ended Up Wishing They Hadn't

    Oof, rough.

    1. This person who had to take their kid to the doctor:

    2. This person who went to work and wish they didn't:

    3. This person whose car was stolen:

    4. This person who made a little mess:

    5. This person who found themself in a predicament:

    6. This person who probably took a break from baking after this:

    7. This person who learned they had an unwanted guest in their home:

    8. This person who got a thick stain on their sneakers:

    9. These people whose wedding festivities backfired:

    10. This person who had to figure out how to drain their boat:

    11. This person whose next destination was hopefully in walking distance:

    12. This person whose window view was unsettling to say the least:

    13. This person whose shower led to a series of unfortunate events:

    14. This person who went down to their basement and found a big surprise:

    15. This person whose daughter had a strong arm:

    16. This person who found a new ingredient in their avocado toast:

    17. This person who had a clumsy moment:

    18. And this person who hopefully had good car insurance:

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