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    17 People Who Had Such A Bad Day At Work, I Don't Know How They Didn't Quit Right Then And There

    I know they couldn't wait to clock out.

    1. This person who got a note instead of a tip:

    "You are having a bad day! Hope you get better!" written with a smiley emoji on a restaurant bill instead of a tip
    Long note explaining that they are a former waitress who now owns a restaurant, and they wanted to give them a $30 tip but the waiter didn't pay enough attention to them

    2. This person who watched a customer's child spill goo all over a chair and the customer didn't apologize:

    Stains on a small fabric chair

    3. These people whose work computers got showered by a leak:

    Water leaking from the ceiling above office desks

    4. This person whose work truck caught on fire when they were two hours away from home:

    An SUV with a fire underneath it
    Close-up of the burnt tire
    Another view of the fire damage

    5. This person whose arm got pinched in a metal door at their job:

    Large purple bruises on a person's raised underarm

    6. This person who had to clean up after the nastiest customers:

    A diaper left on a restaurant table

    7. This person who found that someone had left the ice machine door open at night:

    A mountain of ice outside the machine

    8. This person who cut their hand with a box cutter while on the job:

    A wrapped hand holding a car wheel

    9. This person who was working from home when their cat chewed up the cord for their mouse:

    A hand holding a frayed cord

    10. This person who knocked over a ton of plates that were needed for an event:

    Broken plates all over a hallway floor with a broom and trash can in the corner

    11. This person who had to reorganize these bins after one of their coworkers knocked them all over:

    A bunch of bins that fell amid many still in rows

    12. This person who brought lunch to work and ended up having to eat something else anyway:

    A person's dropped food all over the floor

    13. This person who ruined their Christmas gift:

    Enchilada sauce all over the floor and on the person's shoes, which their mom got them for Christmas, after someone didn't seal the lid well

    14. This person who experienced a wardrobe malfunction while on the job:

    A large split in a person's pants below the crotch area

    15. This person whose hard work went to waste:

    Baked cookies the person baked the night before and then all over the floor at work

    16. This person who had to deal with the consequences of a coworker's decision:

    Spilled beverages on the floor below a restaurant drink dispenser because someone doesn't think they need "urn insert bags" that the "spigot won't work without"

    17. And this person who made a huge Uber Eats order that was then canceled:

    Many containers of food lined up

    H/T: r/Wellthatsucks.