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People Are Sharing Popular Kinks And Fetishes They Don’t Understand, And You Just Need To See It For Yourself

To each their own!

Recently, Reddit user u/MrNoName_ishere asked people, "What's a 'normal' fetish you just don't understand?"

Jane from "Jane the Virgin" wearing lingerie while spanking Rafael, whose wearing a leather tank top and spiked dog collar

The people in the replies were quite opinionated. Here are the most insightful responses:

Note: Obviously, everyone's bodies, experiences, and interests are different, so keep doing your thing. Just make sure you communicate with your partner or partners, and always have consent.

1. "I don't get nurses as sex symbols. I am a nurse. I wear scrubs. Nine out of 10 times, I will be sweaty and probably have some form of another person’s bodily fluid on me and be desperate to pee because I’ve been holding it for the last two hours."


2. "I don't understand sex in a public bathroom. Public bathrooms are gross."


3. "It seems like every second video on adult sites is something to do with family. Mom, step-mom, etc. It's just fucking weird."


4. "Spitting into each other’s mouth is GROSS to me."


Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson spitting

5. "I don't understand the use of degrading language. I just can’t see the appeal of having someone calling you a whore or a bitch and liking it. My husband asked if we could try it once and I agreed out of curiosity. I ended up crying and what was supposed to be a fun night turned into him giving me lots of kisses and reassuring me that he does not think of me as a whore for his pleasure."


6. "I'm a flight instructor and I do not see the appeal of the 'mile high club.' What part of claustrophobic canoodling like a pair of horny sardines is supposed to fulfill a fantasy?"


Molly and Andrew from "Insecure" making out in their seats on a plane

7. "I don't get wanting to eat ass. I can maybe understand why someone might like having someone do it to them, but I cannot in my mind see why someone would enjoy putting their mouth anywhere near another person’s SHIT HOLE."


8. "I don't understand age play. It just seems like adults sexualizing child-like behaviors."


9. "I don't understand cuckolding. How could you possibly be turned on by the fact that someone else is banging your partner?"


Cayetana from "Elite" watching Polo and Valerio make out

10. "I hate when people do the over-exaggerated 'hentai faces' (i.e. crossed eyed, tongue out, and fake, loud moans) during sex. It’s so fake."


11. "I don't like schoolgirl role-play because if she wants to role-play as a schoolgirl, that means I'm role-playing as a predator."


12. "I don't like hitting. I literally just can't bring myself to full-on hit someone in a sexual scenario...I don't understand it."


13. "I don't like when people say 'Daddy' during sex. Yeah...I totally want be reminded of my dad while I'm inside someone."


14. "I don't get the feet fetish. Feet are so commonplace. You could head to the beach and cop an absolute eyeful of it."


SpongeBob's foot from "SpongeBob"

15. "I don't understand the sexy nun fantasy. Nuns are ultra-religious women who sometimes would beat children for using their left hand to write. Not exactly sexy."


16. "I don't like road head. I’m trying to focus here."


17. And "I don't like public sex. Like, come on, man. I don’t wanna see you screwing in the Chuck E. Cheese parking lot. Take that mess inside."


Which of these opinions do you agree or disagree with? What are some other kinks and fetishes you don't understand? Let us know in the comments.